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Behold My Glory

It wasn't long ago when Tubby Smith left Kentucky that I told you:

You heard it here first, if Smith jumps to Minnesota, Gillispie to Kentucky.

Yesterday my clairvoyance was confirmed when now-former Texas A&M coach Billy Gillispie announced that he accepted Kentucky's offer to be their next head basketball coach.

You may bow in appropriate recognition of my genius.

In other fun news, Morgantown, WV just went Thug Life. Bob "Huggy Bear" Huggins pissed off a lot of people at Kansas State by jumping to West Virginia after only a year in Manhattan. I think K-State was willing to put up with the nonsense that always seems to follow Huggins so long as NCAA runs came with it. Instead all they got was a trip to the NIT and a crime wave that nearly toppled the city government*.

Huggy took the show on the road back to his alma mater in Morgantown. It's like in The Departed when Damon became the cop. Now West Virginia can look forward to top recruiting classes, deep NCAA runs, arrests*, beatings*, shootings*, human organ trafficking*, NCAA investigations, alcohol abuse and groping of its undergraduate population that are trademarks of a Huggy Bear team. Words cannot describe how excited this makes me. Can you imagine Kenyon Martin in Morgantown during college. That Cinci team was one of the pure joys to watch both on and off the court for all the crazy shit they'd pull. I just can't wait to see it in a seemingly innocuous place like Morgantown.

For the record, if I knew how to use photoshop Huggins' head would be on Tupac's body right now. Huggy, much love from Maize n Brew.

(I couldn't decide between this and Straight Outta LoCash, so you get both.)

* Ed note - yeah, well, none of these things actually happened (except the NIT run!), but you can kinda picture it, can't you?