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Frothy Goodness On Tap Wednesday

It's been a while since On Tap made an appearance here. As there is little going on in the Michigan world, it seems like a good time to bring you up to date on what's happening elsewhere. So pony up to the bar, friends. It's all good, 'cause it's all

On Tap!

Michigan Captures Three Individual Track NCAA Championships: Andrew Ellerton, Anna Willard, and Tiffany Ofili captured individual NCAA Crowns during last week's Men's and Women's Track and Field Championships. Ellerton, a senior, capped off his Michigan career with a championship in the 800-meter run. On the Women's side, a senior in Willard and a sophomore in Ofili, captured individual crowns in the 3,000-meter steeplechase and 100 meter hurtles, respectively.

Both Ellerton and Willard were honored later as Michigan's Men's and Women's Michigan Athletes of the Year. Maize n Brew salutes all three champions and congratulates Ellerton and Willard on their wonderful careers.

Bless You Boys Caught Up In Michigan Baseball Fever: Ian over at SBN's outstanding Detroit Tigers blog, Bless You Boys, managed to get as caught up in Michigan's run through the College World Series as the rest of us. In doing so he also issued a Mea Culpa to Maize n Brew. Ian, no worries. There's too much going on in the summer months! Besides Verlander's No-No and spectacular pseudo-'stache was probably occupying your time.

Sweet Stache = Major League Success: Speaking of which, if you wander over to the Detroit News's coverage of the Verlander no hitter, there is an excellent photo section. Upon a perusal of the photos there you will notice the wispy start of what I am sure will become a ferocious stache. Which brings me to my point: Stache = MLB Success. Fergie, Goose, Eck, Smoltz, now Verlander. You can call it a goatee or a Van Dyke (I'd prefer you didn't), but face it, without the upper lip garden Verlander doesn't get out number 1.

Here's to Justin, his No-No, and his stache.

It's like looking into the future

If he lets that thing grow we could be looking at a Magnum P.I. level 'stache. Keep on dreaming you dreamers.

Links I Have Been Remiss In Bringing You: As you can tell by my multiple absences over the past two months, things are busy around the Brew homestead. During that time several excellent sites have popped up which require your immediate attention.

Ladiesdotdotdot - Chicks. That love sports. Seriously. A recent and excellent collaboration of female bloggers which, despite their unhealthy obsession with David Wright, is hysterical to read. Their recent "Hot Blogger BCS" is ongoing, and unfortunately yours truly was far too busy to submit a photo for. You know, I was at the gym bar, drinking. But rest assured, had I entered, one word, "Landslide." Trust me, Mrs. Brew is one lucky woman.

Don't You Know the Dewey Decimal System!?

Yet Another Michigan Blog - One of MGoBlog's regular and most insightful commentors, Colin, got tired of cramming six months of research into haloscan comment boxes and launched his own site. When he gets stuff up, it's gooooooood.

The Go Blue BasketBlog - It's always in the summer when the new sadomachoism blogs pop up. The latest offering of sites dedicated to eternal suffering is The Go Blue BasketBlog, dedicated to all things Michigan Basketball. In a packed Mich-o-sphere, this is the first and only site dedicated to the long suffering basketball team. Dante, I wish you luck. As a man who's attempted to cover Michigan basketball the last year and a half, it's a difficult pastime.  However, make sure to check out Dante's excellent retrospective on Michigan great Cazzie Russell!

That's all for now.

Go Blue!