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Off Today, and, um, Yesterday too...

A large brief required finishing so yesterday got shot to hell. Today, after a morning of hearings before sympathetic judges, one of who actually asked, "Counselor, are you feeling alright?" I am off to the Cubs game with my brother and Dad to pre-celebrate Father's Day.

To sate your lust for Michigan related news check out the following:

  1. Mark Snyder puts Arrington's punishment in a historical perspective. Remember when Brian Griese had a little run-in at Skeepers? Mark does.
  2. Lost in the hoopla behind Michigan's run through the NCAA baseball Championships was the steady progress Beilein has made with potential basketball recruits.
Case in point, Draymond Green. Once Kentucky bound, when Tubby Smith bolted for the Varmint Cong Green reopened his recruiting. The Saginaw 4 star power forward visited Michigan on May 9th and came away stunned. To quote his mother, "It's the BOMB!"  Green's Michigan visit apparently raised the bar for all schools that follow. He has an impressive offer list, so count on his leader to change and change again.

Along the 5 star lines, SG Iman Shumpert and PF Tyler Zeller are listing Michigan at medium interest.  At 6'11", Zeller (an Indiana Power Forward) is listed by Scout as a potential top 25 guy in the 2005 class. His offer sheet is something to behold. Kansas, Kentucky, UNC, Tennesse and Indiana are all knocking on his door. With his size and frame he's the classic "high ceiling" recruit, great outside game for a big man, but needs to put on the pounds to bang the boards at the Big Ten level.

Shumpert has the potential to be another Daniel Horton. The 6'4" hot shooting guard out of the Chicago suburbs, has an equally impressive call list, however UNC's absence is notable. My guess is a UNC offer would put them in the lead. At this point DePaul seems to be making the most noise, but Beilein's system is perfect for a guard like Shumpert. Put Michigan in the darkhorse category on this recruit, but a darkhorse you have to watch.

There's a lot of time between now and signing day, but it's nice to see progress.