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Baseball Game Day: Michigan v. Oregon State

Game Time!

The first of three games in Corvalis, Oregon starts at 3pm EST/2pm CST/1pm MST/Noon PST. The game will be aired on ESPNU (which means 4 people will be able to watch it). Michigan's official website has all the details including press releases and CSTV's Gametracker which will allow the ESPNU-less Michigan nation to follow the game. Oregon State's offical site allows you to listen to the game live through Beaver Nation Online ($)

Game Info!

According to the Detroit News, Sophomore Mike Wilson (7-0, 3.07 ERA, 11 starts, 60K, 41 BB, 5 HR) will start on the mound today for the Wolverines. Wilson has an excellent pick off move and leads the team with 8. Wilson has been generally lights out this season. He's second in strike outs and has the best ERA of Michigan's starters. If there's a concern, he walks a lot of people. Even so, his WHIP(Walks/Hits per Innings Pitched) for the season is 1.398, far and away the best WHIP on the team. Despite leading the team in walks, he's given up the fewest hits and runs (earned or otherwise) of Michigan's starters.

Both starters today are excellent young pitchers. According to the Corvalis papers (HT: MGoBlog) Freshman Jorge Reyes will start today against Michigan. Reyes came on after the first quarter of the season and basically bullied his way into the starting rotation by whiffing guys instead of walking them. Reyes throws a nasty fastball that tails in toward right handers. He went 5-3 this season but struck out an obscene 57 batters while walking only 15.

It's going to be a great day and a great game in Corvalis.

Go Blue!