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Thursday Happy Hour: Drink Heavily To Avoid Errors

The first week of my nightmare schedule of previews is just about complete. Just seven more crazy weeks 'o hell left. But if this is Hell, there's a lot of company. To all the Penn State, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, NC State, and North Carolina fans who have linked over in the past week, thank you for your visits, your kind words, and pointing out where I was horribly, horribly wrong. This week is the strongest non-Ohio State week I've had at Sports Blog Nation and I appreciate your visits and sense of humor. The BBQ and brew are on the house.

There's a lot going on in the Michigan world and the world of College Football in general so it's time to catch you up.

Here's what's ON TAP:

  1. Another QB Rumored To Michigan.
  2. Michigan/David Beckham Commercial, Please Make This Happen
  3. O-Klahoma Where the Sanctions Go Rushing Through The Trees
  4. Les Miles: Public Enemy No. 1
  5. ACC Linky
  6. More Previews!
  7. Et Cetera...
It's All Gailey's Fault - The Georgia Tech Sports Blog (who's linky is coming to  a sidebar near you soon enough) is reporting that 4 star Michigan QB Steven Threet who committed to Georgia Tech for the 2007 class, has left the school and returned home to Michigan. This is very crappy news for Georgia Tech and potentially very good news for Michigan.

Brian is reporting that internets sources are indicating Threet is transferring to Michigan. There are loads of Hearsay and Conjecture to support this, but nothing substantial as of yet. In the event he does transfer to Michigan, this clears up any quarterback questions for the foreseeable future. The word on Threet is he is the prototypical pocket QB that Michigan loves. Good but not great arm, but apparently can guide a ball into an exhaust shaft only two meters wide. He's also reported to be fairly elusive in the pocket, but ain't going to break a long run off anytime soon. He's not Herbsreit after all.

Threet in the Film Room

Threet had a decent offer list including Miami (OH), Wisconsin, Illinois, Stanford and NC State. MSU and UM did not offer. I am unaware if he camped at either school. If Threet works out, good stuff. If not, we'll live. More on this as it develops.

Phil Knight Plotting Revenge Against UM - As I'm sure you're aware by now, Michigan recently signed a big ole contract with Adidas after an eight year relationship with Nike. Hell, even the Canadian Press are reporting on it. The deal is reportedly worth $7.5 Million a year in cash and merchandise. The prior contract with Nike was reportedly worth $3.2 Million a year.

As usual, Brian gleefully points out the fun stuff, there is a clause in the contract that ensures Michigan remains Adidas' highest paid school. Also, interestingly:

The university said the contract also includes provisions to protect labor and human rights at factories. Nike has drawn criticisms over conditions at its overseas factories, and student groups at Michigan have long criticized the school for its relationship with the company.

From a humanity standpoint, that's nice to see. The estimated value of the contract is around $60 Million dollars. Not too shabby at all. Mr. Martin, Maize n Brew tips its cap to you.

All that's missing is the Beckham at Michigan Commercial. I can see him beer bonging a Natty on State Street already.

Just Like This, Except at Michigan and With Mike Hart

NCAA Doesn't Like Car Dealerships - Self imposed sanctions or not, the NCAA was gunning for Oklahoma after Rhett Bomar and a fellow football player were busted accepting hefty bags full of cash from an OU booster in in 2006. The players got booted, but that wasn't enough to satiate the monstrous hunger for hides that comes from an embarrassed Miles Brand. OU will forfeit two scholarships a year for 2008 and 2009, and forfeit their entire 2005 season.

Burnt Orange Nation managed to make itself dizzy it got so excited. They may need a change of pants.

You already knew that OU was a dirty, filthy, cheating farce of a program, but now it's official. I propose a toast to "Big Game" Bob Stoops. Hip hip - hooray!

It's July, but it's Christmas in Austin.

Fear of a Les Miles Planet - Yet another reason I really need photo shop. Les Miles as Flava Flav on the old Public Enemy Logo would've been gold. Please God let Autumn Thunder make this happen.

Les Miles is reportedly deserving of a Head Coaching interview upon Lloyd's retirement according to Ann Arbor News Columnist Jim Carty. Brian views Miles as the anti-Christ. Our good friends at Conquest Chronicles had a little something to say about Mr. Miles "idiocy." Kyle, well, lets just say Miles won't get a dinner invite any time soon to the King household. Even And the Valley Shook, SBN's outstanding LSU blog, had to respond.

I personally have no dog in this fight, other than my "dawgs" who are pissed at Miles. However, I will say this. Miles is not the idiot he is allowing himself to be portrayed as. When he dropped the f-bomb on an LSU alumni function he didn't hear gasps and "Oh my god, think of the children!" He got a raucous ovation. When he slams the PAC-10, he's playing to his base, which still feels jobbed out of a national title.

All I can say is "Big F---ing Deal." This is nothing new. Tom Osbourne used to do this when he was at Nebraska. Urban Meyer did it all last year. Superior offers a quip every 15 minutes about someone else's schedule. It's part of the game. Not the game but the gamesmanship that goes on outside the lines.

Am I defending Miles? Hell no. You're supposed to be a grown up. Act like one. Especially when you're in charge of shaping the lives of young men. Despite this, I refuse to discount Miles' abilities because I personally dislike him. Kyle levels the fair charge that Miles is:

A man who has demonstrated such a singular ability to guide 13-0 talent to an 11-2 record needs to learn to keep his mouth shut until he actually manages to notch a win that counts for something more than proving that Miami and Notre Dame are spent volcanoes.

Fair enough. And as Kyle has dealt with Miles for far longer than I have, I will yield to his knowledge on the subject. However, name a coach that doesn't fit this description. Lloyd Carr fits this description after 1998. Until Mack Brown broke through two years ago, so did he. Any Notre Dame coach since Holtz fits here, especially Wies. Barry Alvarez. Jeff Tedford. Frank Beamer.

Part of the irritation with Miles seems to be he can't be ignored. He coaches a high profile program, reels in more talent than just about everyone else, and fields a competitive potential MNC team every year. Sure, some of that was/is Saban's coat tails. But some of it is Les Miles. And because of this when he opens his mouth, and says something that would make us cringe if it was our school, our ears perk up whether we like him or not.

He can be called classless. An idiot. Dirty. Et cetera. But he's still called the Head Coach of Louisiana State University's football team. As Brian says,

He must be good at something, but I don't know what it is.

The consensus, whether admitted or not, is Miles is not just dangerous to himself but to everyone else on the football field. Until we know what that "thing" is that he's good at, I'm not going to write him off because I consider him a jackass.

ACC Linky Time - In my rush to publish the ACC preview prior to leaving for court I neglected to link to the fine ACC blogs out there that cover their beloved conference. Please accept my apologies. I'll add this to the ACC Preview in a little while, but for now, please check out the EXCELLENT sites for all your ACC needs.

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More Previews! - When blogs collaborate the results are generally awesome. Exhibit 1A Hawkeye State and The Enlightened Spartan got together and authored an <excellent preview of MSU for 2007.

CW at Rakes of Mallow looks at Notre Dame for the coming year by puttin' on his crazy hat.

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Et Cetera... - A lot of opponents star recruits are having eligibility problems. Well, actually admittance problems. Star RB recruit for Wisconsin John Clay didn't qualify, neither did Oregon stud OL recruit Myles Wade.

Ramblin Racket rates the ACC stadiums. Awesome work.

Finally, a little shout out to Roll Bama Roll for bein' nice like that and letting me pilfer their HTML for my previews. Your BBQ and Brew are on the house.