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Yeah, So... About that...

Sorry for the lack of content the last two days. Life intervenes again. The last few days involved preparation for a particularly contentious appellate argument. As you can see from the photo below, I was in deep analysis.

The argument was held this morning and resulted in a rousing debate over the state of the law in Illinois. Your's truly, well, I rocked. I had this on my side.

Mrs. Simpson This Book Says YOU are entitled to Huge Cash Payments

However, my rockedness has exhausted me and unfortunately placed me a little bit further behind in my quest to maintain The Schedule.

More content up tomorrow. However, for today and tonight, I rest. If you are in need of internets related goodness until said time, check out the Ladies... excellent work on their batters box theme music.

Maize n Brew's tuneage for layin' the lumber? The opening 30 seconds of Quiet Riot's opus, "Metal Health" (Bang Your Head). I defy your heart not to beat a step quicker when Kevin DuBrow screams that first scream into the microphone. A close second goes to Motley Crue's "Dr. Feelgood." You know I'm steppin' in. And I'm steppin' in with baaaad intentions.

Throw that shit again meat. You throw that weak ass shit again.