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BlogPoll Ballot Number 1: The Season Begins!

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal --
2 Texas --
3 LSU --
4 Oklahoma --
5 West Virginia --
6 Virginia Tech 5
7 Michigan 1
8 Florida State 1
9 Wisconsin 1
10 Louisville 1
11 UCLA 1
12 Florida 1
13 Ohio State 1
14 South Carolina 4
15 Georgia --
16 Penn State 2
17 Arkansas --
18 Alabama 1
19 Oregon 3
20 Miami (Florida) --
21 Kansas State --
22 California 3
23 Hawaii 1
24 Nebraska --
25 Rutgers 2

Dropped Out: Nobody

There was some shuffling but not much. Brian put up the the BlogPoll Roundtable regarding the early rankings and honestly, there's not a lot there to make me change my thoughts.

The best argument I saw was the argument against UCLA. Even with all this supposed talent, they finished 7-5. Yeah. Not so good. I agree this is a tenuous pick at best, but I really think the Bruins will turn it around this year and surprise. I'm picking them to make a BCS bowl, and, of course, lose.

My biggest climber is Virginia Tech. When I looked at the teams, I think they're a better team right now. I still think Florida State wins the ACC over VT, but if they played today, Virginia Tech would win. Would they beat Michigan heads up? Right now? Probably. Hence the higher ranking.

Michigan drops a few slots based on questions at offensive line and all over the defense. South Carolina's shenanigans cost them a top ten slot. You can't have a senior QB and head coach on different pages. That's bad news. It's worse news when your starting safety gets nailed on gun charge. Dumbass.

Other than that, Cal moves up a little and Oregon moves down. There's a lot of faith the Bears will be good and the Ducks won't. I still pick Oregon to go to a better Bowl than Cal.

Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below.