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Michigan v. Oregon: What We Have/Haven't Learned

Things We Have Learned

  • Hart's body might be hurting, but he's dying inside the way this team is playing.
  • Warren is going to be very good.
  • Greg Mathews has what it takes. Not only can he play, he stands up for himself.
  • The offensive line doesn't have a clue what's going on. False starts. Missed assignments.
  • If you blitz Michigan, you're going to get to Henne.
  • Something is wrong with Manningham. He's a shadow of last year.
  • Ron English has no ability to adapt a defense.
  • Long looked hurt. He was limping in the 3rd and 4th.
  • Mallett is not ready to be a starting quarterback, but he's going to have to be this Saturday.
  • If you run the hurry up offense against Michigan, they can't adapt.
  • Something is seriously wrong on the left side of the line, Henne and Mallett both got nailed from behind.
  • This is Lloyd, Debord, and English's last year.
  • Boren and Mitchell are having very, very tough starts to the year.
  • The defensive line is getting absolutely no pressure.
  • Crable is spending all his time at DE in an attempt to get pressure and it still isn't working.
  • Mallett throws the ball really, really hard.
  • He also looked surprisingly comfortable throwing on the run and improvising.
  • We'd be better off playing 5 down linemen than 3 linebackers.
  • If we play a spread offense, we're going to lose.
What We Haven't Learned
  • The soft zone is not a good way to play a spread offense.
  • Brandon Harrison can't cover a bed with a blanket.
  • Neither can Johnny Sears.
  • The offensive line looks terrible.
  • Jake Long and Adam Kraus are totally out of sink.
  • Henne has no confidence in his line or in himself.
  • Don't put a running back in the game when his dominant hand is recovering from surgery.
  • Special teams are important and might even warrant a scholarship.
  • If you get bumped running your route, you still need to finish it.
  • Hart can't carry this team all by himself.
  • The safeties are a disaster, Adams and Englemon can't find their positions with a map.
  • On a goal line stand, your middle linebacker shouldn't be lined up outside the defensive end.
  • We desperately need to recruit linebackers and defensive backs that are actually linebackers and defensive backs.
  • Teams have figured out the Zone Blocking scheme.
  • Brandon Minor is not a zone runner.
  • Neither is Carlos Brown.
  • Using the tight end is good. No one can cover Butler.
  • Tackling people is important.
  • Henne cannot throw on the run.
  • When you get your ass handed to you two straight weeks, it's generally considered a stupid thing to guarantee a win.
  • Finally, just how badly this season is going to suck.