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Maize n Ballot: Week 4, The World Has Gone Mad

Rank Team Delta
1 LSU 2
2 Oklahoma --
3 Southern Cal 2
4 West Virginia --
5 California 3
6 UCLA 5
7 Florida 3
8 Texas 12
9 Ohio State --
10 Wisconsin 4
11 Louisville 4
12 South Carolina 6
13 Penn State --
14 Arkansas --
15 Alabama --
16 Oregon --
17 Georgia Tech 7
18 Nebraska 1
19 Virginia Tech 14
20 Boston College 6
21 Rutgers 2
22 Georgia 10
23 Clemson 2
24 Cincinnati 2
25 Washington 1

Dropped Out: Hawaii (#19), Miami (Florida) (#21), Auburn (#22).

It's weird not having Michigan, Notre Dame, Miami, and Auburn in the top 25. Like I'm in the twilight zone. This is a scary new world and I'm still debating whether or not I want any part of it.

On the bright side several things did return to normalcy and I'll cover them here.

Behold! Sanity!

1. Washington returns to the Ballot! w00t! I have to admit, I'm a bit of a closet Huskies fan. Ever since my epic road trip to Seattle with some friends (UDub grads) to watch the Washington/Michigan game in 2001, I've pulled for the West Coast Dawgs. Their thumping of Boise brought two things back to normalcy. Washington returns to where it belongs, the national consciousness, and Boise returns to the depths of whatever conference they belong to out of sight, out of mind.

2. Hawaii was exposed for the frauds they are. Oooooh Colt Brennan! Your multi-colored hair and pinball offense. swoon. Give me a break. Overtime to beat LaTech? Offense or not, this team will lose a couple of games because of their defense.

3. Texas continued to sleepwalk through the first half of the TCU game, but awoke with a furious anger and smote the Horned Frogs. Bad. 34 points in the second half. On TCU, which is a very very good defense. Mack Brown finally has their attention and the Horns are back in the top ten.

4. LSU is full of bad, bad men. We all thought it going in, but were afraid to admit it. I mean, Les Miles mouth is running that team. Itdonmatta. He's a better coach than anyone gives credit for and good god is his team fast. SEC beware.

There were also several things that I'm still having trouble processing from this weekend.

The Inmates Are Running The Asylum!

1. Wisconsin eeks out a win against UNLV? Down a notch you go. (probably should drop you more...)

2. I picked the Game Cocks to play in the SEC championship game, then picked against them against Georgia. Mistake. The OBC does not take such slights lightly. Steve. I know you read this. Please don't click-clack my house. I'll never pick against you again. Pleas for my life aside, the 'Cock's defense looks absolutely frightening. Some of those hits made my teeth hurt.

3. Louisville. Louisville. Louisville. Impressive offense. But are you Hawaii EAST? WTF!? Defense you stupid bastards, defense. I know Michigan's a popular school, but please, for the love of God, don't imitate our defense!

4. Cincinnati, bitches. The Bearcats are runninuponya. They positively pasted Oregon State. The defense is nasty and organized (sigh, if only) and the offense is relatively efficient despite being underwhelming. They take advantage of opponent's mistakes, which is more than I can say for my alma mater.

5. Boston College is out for blood. Into the Top 25 you go. Sorry I picked against you, but watch your ass against Jimmmmmay! Notre Dame will be better when you play them.

Not Sure What to Make of You

1. Penn State was less than impressive against the Irish offensively. The defense however, yikes. I'm not looking forward to playing them with a freshman under center. Still, Morrelli hasn't changed. Until I see a world beating performance out of him, I can't hop on the bandwagon.

2. Oregon beat the hell out of Michigan. I know. I saw it. Personally and up close. While I know Oregon is very good, they run the exact offense Michigan has never been able to handle, so I'm not quite sure what to make of their victory. The defense was very good and a lot faster on the line than I expected, but Michigan offensive penalties and Chad Henne prevented Michigan from scoring more than anything the defense did. 309 yards given up in the first half is not a good number. I don't think it bodes well against the likes of Cal, UCLA or USC. The offense looked spectacular against Michigan's over matched defense. Dixon has shaken off last year, at least through two games. Michigan sucks right now. Oregon looks good, but I need one more game against a good opponent to convince me.

3. Ohio State put 20 on Akron, but it wasn't pretty. The defense, like Penn State looks good but the offense is a small disaster. I'm curious to see how they play come Big Ten season.

Let me know your thoughts.