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Thumbin Through Michigan v. Oregon

The Return Of Thumbin' Through!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Thumbin' Through, I bring my Treo to every game and thumb out my thoughts as the game goes on. This is complete stream of consciousness. It is also full of foul, foul language. I don't curse on this site often, as I believe it denigrates the quality of the content, but Thumbin Through is the exception. The idea is to put you, Being John Malkovich style, right inside my head as the game goes on. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's painful. Often it's obscene, but it's never boring. So if you have delicate sensibilities, I would recommend you skip this posting and continue on to the rest of site. Regards - Ed.

I got to the game a little later than I would've liked. Usually I like to be in my seat for the opening kickoff, but my seats are in Section 18, one of the biggest sections in the stadium and the line to get to my seats routinely stretches four or five sections long outside the stadium. As a result, I got in after Michigan has received the opening kickoff. I wish the line had been longer, ugh. We pick up after a Mike Hart run for a couple and Michigan on its own side of the 50.

Pass to butler right for 40
Hold on mthws.
Henne over throw in endzone int. run back to 50
Horrible pass.

Ducks on 45
Soft zone results in pass left for 15
Option right for 9 grahm on tackle
2d 1
Soft zone pass middle for 1d. Fire english now.
Run up middle to the one. Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous
Qb snk. 2nd dn
Stewart walks in midl td. False start saves um bacon. Fire english.
3rd & 5
Holy crp actual pass defense. Warren makes grt play.
Duck going for it.
TO ou.
Defense looks terrible and its all
3rd n crrctn
3& gl
Brandon harrison read scren to wr and drops him 4 loss. Um. Wow.
Ou fg


Henne make a bad bad throw. Defense made a stop but the ducks went 40 yards in a minute.

The rest after the break, click on the Read More link below.

Ko ou
23 & 21 back deep.
Hemmingway & brown.
Nice rnbk by brown to the 29.
1d. Stop sucking.
Hrt buried onmdl rt ls 1
2 & 11
Hrt midl lft for 15 on nice ctbk
1 d @ 45
Fb in.
Hrt rt for 3
Manninham right left cross on 5 yard slnt for 30.
1d @ 17
2 wd
Henne btlg right. Nothing open eats it oob for 2.
hrt lt mdl for 6
3rd 2
Arrngtom wd
Hrt fights for 1st. Lft mdl
1 & g @ 6
Manham wd right
Ar mtn
73 fls strt. Fking mitchell
1 &11
Butler right on roll out. Henne blws arrinton for td.
2d @ 8
4 wd
Shit throw frm henn left to hrt 3 ft too high.
Circus catch arrington in bk of ez!
Extra pt good. Tipped. Fuck.

7-3 um.

Henne still looks off.

KO - stwert deep
Stwtrt flubs kick still get to 11
71 on ou is fat. 3 wd
Soft zone read to left for 4
4 wd
Harrison torched deep for td.
Paysinger burns dbs. Ran rt by him.
2 pnt good. Sweep left.

Fire english.

11 - 7
Lots of ou fns.

Ko ou

Onsides kick goes oob to rt. Um caught off guard. Shocker.

1d at 38 um

3 wd
Hrt rt mdl for 4
2wd w te
Manham right frm henne. Gains 15. Soft zone ou.

1d um @ 40
Hrt midl lft for 10
C brown in at rb.

Brwn midl hit and fumbles. R u kidding me?

Defense of doom bk on fld
4 wd
Stwrt mid right for 6
No td yet.
4 d
Soft zn dixon to jones for 10
Fls strt ou. 1 & 15
Crbl plyn de.
Dixn scrmbls for 14 rt
2d 2
Stwert ht by 10 dudes picks up 5 anyway.

Mch looks like shit. Stwert rt for 3
Dixn scrmbls for y rt on zn rd.
3& 1
Qb snk. Hurry up snaps. Um lks flat. Msrmnt.
Fire english.

Blown snap. Dxn covrs @ 40
Harrisn blws covrg drp pass to rt saves his ass.
Trnt playd scrambl rt prftcly. Dx still pks up 15

Ou fg try.
Shrt wd lft.

Hrrison is terrible.

Um 1d @ 32
Strch lft for 3
End 1 qrt. ou11 um7
2wd fb mondrous.
Mt arrngtn ply actn. Henne nailed as throw inc.
3 wd sg
Manham rt to manham for 1dn in face of sfty blitz. Grt pass.
Arring ton rt on cb 10 yrds off for 12
2wd rvrs lft to rt w hrt. Manham goes for 15
Hrt left bhnd lng for 1. Lng got bt.
2wd te.
Henne to mthws. Drop on tuff thrw in lft crn ez.
#TO um.
3wd pls te
Henne sacked. Wtf.
Henne hrt.
4th after off setting fouls hrt knocked helmt off ou plyr
Fg off rt upright. Kncl kick.


Dfns of doom bck on fld.
1d ou at 26 ou.
Rb to rt for 10
Trnt good play on williams. 2&10
Jjohnson up mdl for 5
Crbl misses tckl that wdlv bn shrt. 1d
2 & 4
Dixn scrmbls rlt for 15
1d 3wd
Statue of lbrty play. Run lft for 10 hrbl tckling.
Rn mdl fr nthn midl. Thmpsn and logan?
Adams actually manages contain on scrmbl no gn
3& 8
3wd 2 in bf
Dixon is a pussy had sht at td and went oob.
Strwt up middl fr td.

Fir english in middl of game. Fr him now.

Why is our midl lb on the edge in a gl ln stand? Inexcusable.


Brwn hmngwy back on ko.

Brwn to 20
Looks slow.

Arrngtn on lft for 7
Zn rn is sucking today. Hrt for 1 midl rt
Butler lmpn off.
Shit thr to manham. Shrt of 1d
Dfnsv hlding bails out mich.
Line lk trbl
Hrt mdl lft fo 15.
1d @ 44ou
4 wd sg
Hrt lft bhnd wrs for 12
Bad pass rt to opn arrngtn. 5 yrds shdlv been 12
2d & 5
3 wd
Bd rd hrt midl right into hrt of dfnse. Gn u 3&3
Bltz up middl nt pickd up agn. Hnne scked.
Fg try from 41
Dly of gm on mich.lkd intnt for zltn
1 &10 ou

Stwrt Mdl lft for 8
Michign picks thmslvs out of tckl. Strt left for 20
Harrison mks tackl! 5 yrd.
Hrry up thrw trns into frst dn
A stp. I'm amazed. Jnsn lft ls 2
Another rn stp. Mdl. 1 yrd.
Dixn scrmbls for first as dline blos contn.

5wd. Waarrn on williams for 10

Offsides um.

Dixn walks in. Fire engldih now.

Bar none this is worst I have ever seen michigan play.
25 - 7

Mnor sears bk for ko
Massey flds shrt kick.
1d @ 26
Henne forces thr to arrinton. He's  lkng on rcvrs.
Bd thrw agn hnne
Missd mthwes
3& 10
4 wd
Lng is getting bt bad.
Henne fks up another thrw
Zoltan booms to 20, covrg ovrruns it. Mks it bck to 40
Pass ovr middl for td. 31- 7
This is officially the wrst michigan team in hstry.

Fire english now. Seriously. Rt now.

OU fns chnting beat the traffic. Christ.


Sears rtns kck to 29
Thrumond for ou seems to b mking evry tckl

Hrt up mddl for 8
Hrt yelling at henne aftr hrrd pass to arringtn
Hrt lft for 10

Henne needs to be benchd
Minor in.
Minor lft ctbk to rt for 8
Henne lft to arringtn for 10
Lft sd of line is gttn destryd. Hrt nailed bfr line.
Another bad pass out of henne. Misses arringtn
Henne fks up agn. Scrmbls nthn
4 & 12gng for it
Henne looks lost. Signals to coaches 'what?'
Henne to manham for 1d. Mitchell ended up on his ass on blck bad sign.
Hrt to 6 midl lft.
2d and 2
Hrt brried on hrry up snap.
35 secs lft
Anthr bad high thrw to back of ez.
4th. Gng fr it
How is that not pi? Oh. Ball tipped.

32-7 ou.

Worst michigan tm i've ever seen.

Stwrt mdl for 10
William ctch for 9
Dix misses thrw rt.
Mallet to strt half for um
The unthinkable. A defensive stop!

Mathws bk


Henne out with leg injury. Pnt ou
Fc matthews @ 18

Mallet in
Hrt burried gng rt. Line stcked.
2d & 11
Hrt rt, trips ovr blckr gets 2 and gets hurt.
Mallets 1st throw high and inc

Pnt zltn is officially best plyr on tm.booms it frm ez to ou 32.

Ou tks ovr at 32
Taylor tracks down dixon. Flg on ou. 2d & 22
Strwt midl right for 4
Sears gets beat in front but williams can't hold on on pass to left.

Mathews good rtn to 39

Why couldn't d play like this earlier.

Minor buried. Zone running game not helping. Ducks overloading line.
2d & 12
Mallets first complt. Good for 2
Hrt in
Mallet too strong for manham bounces in air, int.

Ou at 37

Pass batted dn over middl.
2d 10
Strwt midl for 7
Dixon to ed dixon te for 1dn gd cvrg.
Wr screen for 2 lft.
Johnson midl for 6.

1dn & 11
Dixon option buried.
Um recovers @ 9 trnt with medium play. We are down 25 aftr all.

Fls strt 83. Hlf dist. 1d @ 3

Minor burst thriugh left side for 7.
Mallet quick thrw to manham lft. 3&4
Delay run midl for 8.
Minr rt  hld 1d & 20
Missed snap. Mallet recovered.
Minor lft nthn
Mallet bombs it out lots of contact on manningham. Good god he's got an arm.
Ball trvled 60 yards in air.

Zltn is the best plyr here.

Stwrt and dixn still in. Midl for five rn
Sears torched again. Williams td from dixon.


Stadium is emptying.

Its official. We are now notre dame. We'll be even more notre dame next week if we lose to them.

Sears rtrns to 23

Mallet thrws right into ou dbs hnds. Too hard to handle manham had him beat needs arc.
Hrt rt for 0
Mallet scrmbls right find arrngton. 15 yrd pass.
Mallett pulling a henne and locking on manham.
Scrn play snuffed out. Loss of 4.
Phil knight walks by to appls from ou fans
Manham bumped again no call. Honestly, he running half speed.

Pnt to ou. No rtn

Dixon middl. Nthn.

End of 3rd.


Ducks fans yelling whose house? Our house.
Want to vomit.

They're going at sears evry down. Drp
2d obvious hold on crbl nt clled. Firstdown scrmbl dixn
Dixon thrws it away.
Strwrt midl. 4
Johnson shldv been stopped in the backfield and runs lft for 40. Trent chcs him down from othr side of field.
Dixn wr srn misses.
Stwrt rt for 9
No 10

Another pass over vacant midl for 10
1 & gl
Johnson midl for 4
Johnson to 1
Qb snk stped.
Gng for it.
C. Graham makes big hit to stop ou. Doesn't matter but maybe its something they can build on

1d on 1

Stands are emptying.

Mallet has trouble with snap but kps it for 2
Minor for 4 rt midl
Almost fmbls
TO um
Ou jumped.
1d. w00t!
Ou takes a whack at mallett. Pf 15

Need some replacements action here. Let him through!
Pass to mathews. Ou takes cheap shot mathews levels him
Mallet sacked. Long limping.
Lft side again
Mallett scrmbls out of trouble finds arrngton
Hrt lft for 4
Ou who takld hrt is hurt. Same one mthws dumped.

Mallettovrthrws manham
Kraus false start. Good god.
Panicked throw over midl on biltz mallet hit. Pissed at self.

I'm done.