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Thumbin' Through Michigan v. Notre Dame

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Thumbin' Through, I bring my Treo to every game and thumb out my thoughts as the game goes on. This is complete stream of consciousness. The idea is to put you, Being John Malkovich style, right inside my head as the game goes on. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's painful. Often it's obscene, but it's never boring. So if you have delicate sensibilities, I would recommend you skip this posting and continue on to the rest of site. Regards - Ed.

Actually in seats for ko. Wow.

Rt behind nd band. Wife is happy. For the next 5 hours we're not married.

Nd chrldrs r fat

Go blue dnt suck

KO! S brn makes tckl first tackl of season! Woot!

4 wd
Missed snap goes to 1. Spchlss.

1d. 3 wd no bk
Rvrs for 4. No one behind safties. Lkd bd
3rd 3wd
Scrn brkn up. Crbl

Mthws bk

No rtn to 45 nd

Hrt nowhr
3 wd
Hrt goes wd not cvrd. Picked up 7pass
Hrt strt ahd fr 7.
Hrt rt for 2
Mallett way behind aarngtn
3d & 7
3wd rt.
Mtn arrinton.
Pass deflected at line.
29 fg try good!
Ugly blcking.

3-0 um

Not good series for mallett. Nrvs. Still, points.

Um to ko

ko oob. @ 35

90 in bkfld qkly. Run mdl for 3
Clausen sacked & fumbles.warren on sack and rwcovrs

3wd at 22
Hrt mdl for 4
Nd d lks gd
3wd aud. Hrt mdl left for 5
Timing off mallett rching for hndoffs
3d 1
Close. Brly one dn

1d @ 10
Mallett scrmbl rt? Ls 1
PI cornr of ez. Ez call. Nd fns pissed bt rt call. cb didn't look bck.
1d gl @ 3
Hrt td midl left.
Extra pnt good


Mallett threw a pretty fade on that drv. Still lks off.

Ko  - crist. hrbl takcling. Rly hrbl

Nd @ 41
UM to? Why?

Michigan has wrst chrlding outfits in history of college ftball.

Rn rt midl for 5. No one rly nr him
2d 5
Thmpson shoots gap midl. 2 yrds
Te pass to carlson rt for 4 1dn

nd @ 46
Anothr bad snp. Loss of 10. Ovr clsn's hd
gram makes stop aftr rn for 3
3d 21
Crbl sacks clsn off lft end

Mathews blws pnt rtn.

Um @ 22

3wd hemmingway
Hrt lft midl for 5
Hrt lft for 3
3d - hrt fts for 4


hrt mdl for 3
Mallett bmbs it 40 yrd in air off maninghams hands and oobs
3 & 7
Too hard rt to manham. Through fingers. mallett needs to relax a tad.

Pnt zltn booms it has to mk tackl when pnt tm fucks up.

Zoltan for heisman

trp brings it bk

1d @ 25.
Clausen sacked as lft side collapsed
2d @ 19
Allen for 6 left. Good run. Lots of space
Obvious scrn blwn by um. 1d nd to left thmpson mks td saving tckl

Allen crushed out of back fld and fmbles. crushed by c grham. harrison
rcvrs.  Hurt to wtch.

1d um
hrt lft for nthn

End 1 qrt
Total yrds
Um 49
Nd -19

2d & 9
2wd lft.
Manham pushed oobs by nd obv pi by 20. Mallett locking on.
Mallet roll rt rifls to manham midl @ 2

Hrt runs lft nthn bounced out got into ez untched
Anthr spcl teams fuck up on extra pnt. 5 yrd pnlty
wright gd anyway.

17-0 um

Um to ko. Rtn to 29

22& 31 safties

1d nd
Dbs off 10 yrds. 11 yrd comp lft

Cls covrg.
Rn rt. Rb punished.
5 wd
3 guys meet at clausen. Clausen hlding ball too lng
j thmpsom picks clausen off on pass ovr midl.

Um @ nd 48

Clsn locking on hlding ball too lng & frcing passes.

1dn 3wd hrt in bkfld
Hrt ht in bkfld spins out picks up 9
Hrt midl for 11 midl
Hrt buried as he cuts bk rt

Hrt wd lft. Trk play. Lft to arrington pass bk to mallett. Mallett
trips ovr own 2 ft. Dammit

To nd
4 wd
TD! Ez pitch catch ovr middl to mthews cting rt lft for 21 yrd.

Bathrm break

Bk for sucessful fk pnt by nd
Wife pissed at nd

1d nd
Trnt on gd cvrg. Clsn deep left oob
2d & 10
Crable buries scrn ply.
Clsn sacked agn.
Nd line sucks. Suck really really bad. Thnk god clsn is second coming on pawlus

Pnt to mathews. Neat move but nothing. Ball at 22

Hrt runs lft then rt for 12.
um lks like its bk to smashmouth ftball
Shrt motion thrw to arrington for first to rt.
Hrt fts for 11
Rn lft for 3
Minor in
Minor midl lft for 3
Dbl te left. Malletts pass batted dwn. Shades of navre

Zltn in

Fc @ 9

Alln rt nthn
Clsn midl pass to paris for 5 middl
Rn middl. Lks shrt
Is shrt

Mthws yelling at campbell for nt getting out of way of kick. Fc on bad
kick @ nd 44

Hrt midl lft for 11
Hrt lft for 9
Minor in
Bad fad to manham. Saft rd play all the way ovr thrw
Hrt picks up 6 lft.
Minor lft midl for 9
Hrt midl for 4

Mallet thrw crpy pass rt to manham almost picked
Hrt middl for 8.
3& 4 @ 8
Hrt lft for 3
hrt left nthn
To um

2 & 5 to gl
Td pass rt to arrington. Needed more air but td anyway.
31-0 um

Where the hell has this team been?

Ko sqb. Nd playing it
Brandon graham rngles anther sack pulls clsn down.
2nd dn.
Why? Pass to lft ends qrt?
Was weis trying to get people hrt?

Mich band plying sweet child of mine by gnr. Awesome.

219 to 11 yards

Brown takes shrt kick to 30. Fmbl? Ruled dn. Brwn cnt hold onto ball.

Weis challenges fmbl call.
Nt rvwable
Hrt midl for 2
2&8. Hearing pat cuntz name a lot for nd
Kraus bt bad.hrt stuffed
Shit scrn pass to hrt. Bad bad thrw hrible pass to hart on scrn. Inc

Zltn. The sky is crying. harrison buries zib. Ed 26

Pass right to grimes tckld by warren for 1 yrd
Fs on obv bltz by harrison
Pass rt to west. Jukes warrn for 6.
Nice pass to carlson te to rt for 6
Safty blitz. Pass lft for one. Trnt buries wr
2wd 1 te 2 backs. Smash midle rb for 4
Sfty bltz. Sack englman

Mthws to 22

Hrt midl 12

Hrt midl for 7
Minor lft for 2
Mallett chk dn to  hrt left for firts.
Hrt midl rt for 13
Hrt rt midl for 14.
Minor in
Minor lft midl for 4
Nd player dn. Crum.
Limping off. Left leg injury.

3wd minor in
Minor cuts back left spins off zib for 10
1&10 @ 19
Hrt lft for 4
Hrt dances left midl then rt for 2
Mallett to manham in rt corner ezone. Ez pitch & catch!

golden tat rtns ko to 37. Awesome name. Would you lk to see my tate?

Carlson open  deep. Missed ball. Bad cvrg
Rn mdl nthn
Pass midl brkn up. Ruffin passer on crbl

1d nd
Nd roll blkng to buy time. Clsn inc undr prsr
Pssr good cvrg. B Grhm sacks and strps ball nd. Rcvrs.
Wnger hurt for nd
Left lg injry.
Trnt almost picks clsn on deep ball lft sd

Fc mathews at 12

Hrt lft for 5
Minor midl for 4
Nice run left for minor gts 5.
Chop  blk called on um. Pf costs half dist

Minor midle left for 5
2d & 17
End 3qrt

Fs um. Massey. 5 yrds more. 2&22
minor lft for 2
Minor stuffed.
Zltn Booms it to 45 nd. Rtn to um 47

Sharpley in for nd at qb
111000 in attend
Shaprley off on pass to grimes. Trnt close to int but not grimes. Meh cov

A lot of roll blocks and cut blks. Pass inc on lots of prsr
Thompson drps allen in backfld.

1d & 10 @ 15

Minor rt midl cut for nthn

Minor rt for 12 plus inc fcmsk.
1&10 um @ 37
Minor rt for 3
Minor rt for 0
Minor busts line rt for 15 his best run absolutley flattened 27
Minor rt 3. Same play ovr and ovr agn
Carlos brown cry rt. Goes for 5. Doesnt fumbl. Wow.
Brown midl for 3
Brown smkd in bckfld left. Loss of 2.
Brown midl. Nothn
Going for it?wtf? Fumbl on exchng.
Dont know wht happened.

38-0. I'm done