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Penn State - 9 Michigan - 14

For all the growing pains we just witnessed against our first challenging opponent in this new season, it was certainly a pleasure to watch the obvious development of our passing game and the continuing education of Ryan Mallet.

Long had a great day playing Hart's personal blocker up the left side for what I believe was about 25 carries of that side. Hart himself gave a gutsy performance that sealed us a win. The Brothers Graham lead the way with the defensive pressure that kept Morelli from finding a sustained rythem. Mario and Adrian found employment not as distractions but as key components of most offensive drives.

But for the most standout performance I saw today has to go to Ryan Mallet. Today we learned that he does in fact have two legs, can operate in a pocket, can scramble, and can excite this team to do great things. Having a QB, a freshman no less, that can balance this team into a multiple threat operation is something to behold, and the new season has just started. The Mallet Era is looking good so far.

While it is not a "Thumbing Through", I've put together a little abrviated note track of the game that will go up sometime tomarrow.

Go Blue!