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By-Drive Penn State-Michigan Notes

While watching the game on the couch, I popped open the laptop and took very brief notes. This would be my first time doing it, so bear with me while I relearn note taking skills.

So without further ado:

D-Set 1: Good Run Coverage, good job on the pass coverage on the 3rd down. Props to Will Johnson.

O-Set 1: Grind, grind, Meh TO, and sack. Line musta forgot it was a pass play. Zoltan rocks.

D-Set 2: Hot damn, secondary coverage. Heh, grahm cracker. I'm happy for control of the ball.

O-Set 2: A confidant QB that can run? Wow. TD MALLET! Hoooray Mallet! Hart bought back a botched block on O-Set 1.

D-Set 3: Watch the short pass, damnit. Ahhh, short pass short pass. LB's don't pay attention. Just eat the QB. See what happens when you cover your man?

O-Set 3: Grind, Minor for Pope, good spot on Butler, ick, oooh, I like Mallet.

D-Set 4: Run coverage kicking ass, I think the kids can cover long.

O-Set 4: Good slant run, grind, dart to arrington who holds on, phhhhpt.


O-Set 4: Continued. Mega-Mallet-Wind-Up interrupted. Zoltan has damn good placement.

D-Set 5: Run shut down, pass fake to run and LB's kinda read it, decent pass, good pressure, LB's drop the coverage, damn it short passes.

Side Note: Penn State Mascot Sucks.

O-Set 5: Off foot pass, hole punched, good look to Mario, grind, grind, short dart, griiiiiiiiind-grind, griiiiinnnnnd with good block by Long, griiiiiind, grind-grind, icky kick.


O-Set 6: Grind, Grind, hot damn a pass, Mallet needs to see the white jerseys in front of him, Arrington loves Mallet, grind, dart to Arrington!, gah!, NUTS!


O-Set 7: Pope with good run back, good run, poke run, nice block by hart, Mallet waking up to presence of white jerseys.

D-Set 7: State's run game not very effective, decent coverage, ditto

O-Set 8: Grind to nowhere, same, another dart to Arrington

D-Set 8: Short pass again, short run, hole punched in our line for good run, Short pass bleh, zone back fires, run stopped at the line, hit the middle, and a lucky break.

O-Set 9: Grind, Hart punches through, Grind, Grind, The Arrington Dart!, NUTS!

D-Set 9: Grahm with nice coverage, Grahm shunts the run, a little to loose on that coverage, almost, BAH! but a decent penalty, middle jammed with Grahms, Williams right on the reciever, good goal line set up, and good coverage.

O-Set 10: Ow


O-Set 10: Continued. Mario gets some love finally, Mario Dart!, Hart grinds out a good one hopping two yards, and a nice run by Manningham, I like the passing game, good grind, griiiiiind, dniiiirg, Mallet can play in a pocket; this I like, grind-dnirg, and we get a break, grind, TD HART! WOO!

D-Set 10: Good pressure and coverage, run punched up our middle, ESPN knocking on the Big House's loudness or lack there of, SHORT PASS DAMNIT!, short pass penetration, run up the middle for biiiiiig gain NUTS!, middle plugged up, Adams bats the ball away from TD, floater dropped for a lucky break

O-Set 11: Hart loves the left side and it works this time, Hart stopped, and again, Mallet can scramble!, grind, grind, Mario Dart, Hart stopped, grind, and stopped

D-Set 11: Graham almost eats Morelli, Graham hungry, and the coverage holds, that's the sweet sweet sound of a failed 4th and long, tastes like pancakes

O-Set 12: Tick tick tick tick tick ding!


Penn State - 9   Michigan - 14