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Thoughts from Prague on the Michigan Win

First, I'd like to thank my brother for his own version of thumbin' through and monitoring the game. He's filling in for me during my trip to Europe, and so far excellent stuff. As to any questions about Henne coming back, this is his team. When he's healthy, its his job, no questions.

Second, wow. Like I said before I felt we'd win, but I didn't know it. Glad to see my heart was in the right place. The highlights I've seen on slow speed here in Europe were both heartening and frightening. Frightening in the sense that Morelli is literally as bad as I thought. Heartening in the sense that the game tickets I gave to my sister and her fiance (a PSU fan) were a guaranteed win. John is like a rabbit's foot for Michigan. They're 4-0 with him in attendance.

We're off to Munich tomorrow, but first there are Liters of Czech beer to drink in Prague. I'll have some additional thoughts up over the next few days, but for now, Go Blue!