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Back From Europe: What In Holy Hell Happened in College Football

I'm gone a week and the whole college football world is turned on its ass. Penn State drops two in a row. Florida loses to hapless Auburn. Wisconsin eeks out a win against MSU. Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia all lose and look bad doing it. USF is for real.

I honestly think my head is going to explode from all of this. I'm fishing through the internets for details on the last week in college football and will resume regular posting posting tomorrow.

BTW, Prague was amazing and Munich was as beautiful as I remembered. Beer. Lots and lots of beer. For the record, religious devotion and self denial yields spectacular results in beer form. The Czechs got it right, perhaps my favorite beer of the trip was at a gorgeous Monestary overlooking Prague, a deep amber with more hops than the Dream Team.

More to follow. Minus the absence of Europe's delicious beer it's good to be back stateside. Especially when it's with two Michigan victories in my absence.

Go Blue!