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Maize n Ballot, Week One

The Season Is Dead! Long Live The Season!

Michigan may have castrated its championship dreams, but there are 118 other teams with a season to play. There were a pile of excellent games this past weekend and a host of changes to the top 25. At least my top 25...

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal --
2 Oklahoma 2
3 LSU --
4 West Virginia 1
5 Virginia Tech 1
6 Wisconsin 3
7 Louisville 3
8 California 14
9 Ohio State 4
10 Florida 2
11 UCLA --
12 Georgia 3
13 Penn State 3
14 Arkansas 3
15 Alabama 3
16 Oregon 3
17 Nebraska 7
18 South Carolina 4
19 Hawaii 4
20 Texas 18
21 Miami (Florida) 1
22 Auburn 4
23 Rutgers 2
24 Georgia Tech 2
25 Clemson 1

Dropped Out: Michigan (#7), Florida State (#8), Kansas State (#21).

If there's one thing this weekend proved, its that I suck at predicting college football games. I was off about Michigan and Florida State. Texas, are you kidding me? You were way too close to pulling a Michigan for me to keep you in the top 15.

Oh yeah. "Michigan" is now a verb. A long the lines of pulling a Munson. Use it in a sentence. "Man, I Michiganed that up." or "Despite conquering all of Europe, Napoleon Michiganed when he invaded Russia." or "In 1929 the stock market suffered a Michigan that sent the county into the Great Depression."

I was also wrong about Cal. Sort of. Tennessee wasn't ranked, but they are a talented, poorly coached team. Cal's rolling of the Vols was fairly impressive. We really won't know much about the Bears until they play some talented and well coached teams, but the butt woopin' they put on Tennessee makes me give them the benefit of the doubt.

Nebraska looked pretty impressive smacking around Nevada. So did Ohio State and Penn State.

Here's the ballot. Let me know where I'm wrong.