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Final Poll Hilarity: Michigan 19th (Ahead of Wisconsin and Oregon)

You gotta love the final AP Poll. I was going to put something up on this but my buddy MB emailed me with the perfect analysis. Here are the contents of his email for your amusement:

16. Florida (9-4) 567 votes (prev 12)
17. Hawaii (12-1) 427 votes (prev 10)
18. Illinois (9-4) 416 votes (prev 13)
19. Michigan (9-4) 413 votes (prev NR)
20. Cincinnati (10-3) 376 votes (prev 23)
21. Wisconsin (9-4) 333 votes (prev 15)
22. Clemson (9-4) 319 votes (prev 16)
23. Texas Tech (9-4) 242 votes (prev NR)
24. Oregon (9-4) 192 votes (prev NR)

So Michigan is ahead of two teams it lost to (one of which was at home, and badly), while being behind two teams it beat, both of which were on the road (I'm calling Orlando the home field that it is for Florida).

Hurray Chaos!!!!!

Further proof that no matter how much we love it, College Football is a stupid, stupid endeavor.