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It's third down- Zoltan better start warming up

After six games, Michigan's third down conversion rate (22/81=27.2%) puts the Wolverines at 116th out of 119 Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams.  Michigan was a dismal 3 of 13 on Third Down Conversions against Toledo.  The significance of the Wolverines inability to sustain drives is that it not only demonstrates the lack of productivity of the offense but it also places an inordinate strain on the defense.  The Wolverines "D" is not getting much rest between drives as the offense frequently goes three-and-out in short order. 

Prior to the season, Coach Rod repeatedly stated that he liked winning too much not to make adjustments to fit the talent he had on the team.  With half the season having been played and the offense being ranked near the bottom of the nation (109th in total offense of 119 FBS teams) it is time to make whatever adjustments are necessary to jump start the offense.  Fans criticized the Carr regime mercilessly for his offensive system but his teams never posted atrocious numbers like the ones being delivered by the 2008 Wolverines.  It is not time to scrap the spread offense but it is time to see if Rich Rodriguez has the ability to coach his team out of the hole they are stuck in.  The Wolverines have six conference games remaining with four of those coming on the road.  Michigan will be hard pressed to find three victories unless it can get the offense unstuck and start racking up some first downs.  Go Blue!