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Either the Ballad of the Fallen or the Hymn of the New Republic

On a normal Tuesday, Thumbin’ Through would fill this particular time slot. A short recap of Michigan Football's exploits over the last weekend, and normally, a shorthand recap of Michigan's game against Toledo. But due to the amazing incompetence of the Big Ten Network, Chicago only got the Iowa Indiana game so there was no readily available television with the game on. I attempted to listen to the game via only to find out that the new and exciting revamp of the site made it impossible to listen to the game on a Mac. I eventually found streaming video of the game via the commenters on Mgoblog, only to have it freeze every time someone on the screen, you know, moved.

So for the better part of three hours I watched Gametracker provide horrifically slow updates, tried to make use of a halting video feed, and parsed through the “OMG!2q11! Someone must die!” comments on the live blog to get the status of the game. It was about as much fun as a colonoscopy. 

Still, I can’t decide whether it was better to be pissed at the Angry Michigan Internets and Cable Television Hating Gods, or to watch the debacle live. After trolling the interwebs for two days, I think its safe to say I got off light. My frustration lasted an hour after the game, at which point my wife and I went for a walk, cooked dinner, and sat down to watch her team lose to North Carolina. If not for Texas win over OU and Oklahoma State’s win over Mizzu, the day would’ve been a college football wasteland for me. OSU, MSU, and PSU all won, and every one of them looked substantially more competent than Michigan.

Wisconsin, Michigan’s lone Big Ten win, was humiliated in front of their home crowd by the team Michigan gets to face on Saturday. Illinois, a team that thumped Michigan by 25 points, was manhandled at home by Minnesota, another team Michigan gets to face in a couple of weeks. And we lost, at home, to Toledo.

Michigan’s remaining schedule consists of @ Penn State, Michigan State, @ Purdue, @ Minnesota, Northwestern, and @ Ohio State. If I had to pick a third win, it’s at Purdue, but even that’s a long shot based on the team’s recent performance. A bad, but talented, team is good for one, maybe two improbable upsets a year. You can suggest Michigan played its improbable upset card when they took out Wisconsin, but Wisconsin’s performance since that date has been abysmal. Fresno State win or not, Wisconsin does not look like a good team right now so it’s difficult to hang your “improbability” win on that one.

So there’s still hope for a big win. Realistically though, it ain’t likely. But these things happen when transitions occur. At least that’s what I’m telling myself and my friends, whether they or I want to hear it or not.

The Toledo loss really took a lot of air out of everyone’s tires. The manner in which the offense and the defense have regressed does and should scare the hell out of everyone who is still hoping for a respectable end to the season.

Trolling around the Mich-o-Sphere reactions ranged from resignation to anger to despair to anger, again. One of the benefits of having such a diverse fan base is the dichotomy between the various opinions and voices. Hopefully, this little roundup will give you a little bit of insight into how everyone, in their own way, is dealing with a 2-4 season.

The Patient

To me, M Victors is right. We knew this season was going to suck. They’re still giving Rodriguez and his staff a free pass on this season. Sure there are reasons to be mad, but don’t shoot the rooster because the hens aren’t producing eggs. BTW, check out M Victors’ outstanding two part interview with Jim Shand, the former WTKA morning show host and former NHL and Michigan hockey player. Just outstanding work.

The Wolverine Liberation Army reminded us that great things come to those who wait, and only the true fans wait through trying times.

I’ve said it here before. Guarantees are for the weak. There is no coach, scheme, system, player, or strategy that is guaranteed to win or even be remotely successful. I believe in Coach Rodriguez and the Bad News Wolverines because I have no choice. My commitment to Michigan was made in my youth, solidified in college, and will always remain….


If the prospect of watching our program be[ing] tore down, embarrassed, and eventually redeemed does not excite you, then I suggest finding a new team. This is a process all the great teams have gone through. It is one we will have to go through, at some point, in order to be great again. Again – I give you no guarantee that it will be soon or that it will be Rodriguez in charge. Sometimes you just have to believe.

The Angry

Brian at MGoBlog is throwing things.

Brian at Genuinely Sarcastic is calling for blood. But not from the football team. From the non believers. The Boo-ers. The people expecting the world in 8 simple steps.

Nut up, people. Remember the attrition that happened, because the new staff made things tougher on the players before the season? That's applying to the fanbase now. The true diehards will be revealed, and the chicken(shit) littles will be weeded out.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and if you expected it to be, you are a gutless fool, and I am ashamed to cheer for the same team as you.

Beauford at The Only Game That Matters is ready to choke a bitch if this win now at the expense of reality mindset of certain sections of the Michigan fanbase doesn’t quiet the eff down.

Maize and Blue Nation is kinda mad and reflective at the same time. But does get class points for pulling out a Thomas Paine reference.

These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value.

Michigan Sports Center is Maaaaaaaaaaaad. So mad he broke down each quarter and took an in depth look at the game that got away.

The Reflective

Matt at Genuinely Sarcastic took a look at the season and how much Michigan football means to him and came to the same conclusion so many of us have, screw it, I’m still a Michigan fan no matter how bad they play.

Hoover Street Rag found solace and reflection in music.

Finding Humor to Keep from Crying

Mad props to Michigan Against the World for making me laugh through this one. We’re at DEFCON 2 people.

Varsity Blue probably found the best way to deal with the Toledo game. Text messaging.

Paul: i think this proves sheridan to clemons is not effective
Tim: sheridan to X is generally terrible. mostly on account of the sheridan factor
Paul: bye bye motor city bowl
Tim: i might puke

At a Loss

The support of the boys and girls at UM Tailgate will never waver, but sometimes you just run out of words to describe what your feeling. I think this post sums that up pretty well.

Spawn of MZone is trying to find the reset button.

Signs of Resignation

My buddy Andrew over at Road Games is trying to piece things together all while living in Argentina. My hat's off to him for finding some perspective a couple thousand miles away in a country that thinks a football is round.

Champ at the Only Game That Matters has had better days.

Bo Schemblogger is so upset he’s quoting Drew Sharp. Dude. Seriously. Dude. Zanax is available.

Holding a Wake

The Big House Blog said good bye to some history and eulogized via some pointed quotations.