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Update: Steve Kampfer Recovering; Mike Milano Suspended Indefinitely as Investigation Begins

If there is some good news in this horrible story it is that Steve Kampfer is recovering at home with his family. Kampfer has been reported to be at his Jackson, Michigan home with his family and recovering from the assault and battery perpetrated on him Sunday night. Unfortunately Kampfer is wearing a neck brace that will restrict his movement for the next 12 weeks, but thankfully, the damage wasn't any worse. At this point it is fair to say Kampfer will miss the remainder of the season, though no one is ruling out a return. I don't want to bet against the kid, but a medical red shirt seems like a lock and it has to be doubtful he'd return to Michigan at this point if the Ducks are still waving an NHL contract for him.

On the flip side, the alleged perpetrator of the assault and battery, Mike Milano, has been suspended indefinitely from the football team. At this time no arrests have been made, but they should follow shortly.

I can only hope that this was not a Michigan student the did this, even though the overwhelming evidence points to the contrary. The thought of  two young lives being ruined by this just sickens me. All I can do is hope for the best and pray for Steve's speedy recovery. Steve, we wish you all the best. Get well soon.