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MSU is Popular in Kazakhstan. Nice!

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Our old friend of the 'Brew, the Enlightened Spartan, took umbrage to my recent outsider's take on the Michigan Michigan State football and academic rivalry that comes to a head this weekend. In my piece, I related a old story about returning home to Dallas and talking with my high school friends about my visits to Michigan and Michigan State.

I told them I'd gone to Michigan and everyone asked me questions about it or mentioned something about the football team beating Notre Dame. I then mentioned I'd gone to check out Michigan State and got a simple response, "Why?"

I also mentioned my perception, albeit an extremely biased perception (hey, I run a Michigan blog, if you want objectivity go to Canada), that if given the chance just about everyone'd rather go to UM. I say this, again, through my own biases, based on my experiences traveling the country over the last 30 plus years and talking with people from the Deep South to the Pacific Northwest and all points inbetween. Michigan's a pretty popular place.

In retort, the Enlightened Spartan spun a yarn of his own:

Matter of fact, many of us who GREW UP OUTSIDE OF MICHIGAN (yes, I grew up in California and went to high school in Europe) never considered even applying to Michigan. Our family has a friend from Kazakhstan and her choice was Michigan State over Michigan.



You had to know this was coming.

You like alcohol poisoning? High five! Someone. Anyone. Email me a Borat Michigan State photoshop. I'm begging you. Sample ideas:

  1. Burning Couches? Niiice!
  2. Make Glorious People University of Michigan State
  3. Rioting? High Five!
  4. She is my sister. She is number 4 prostitute of all East Lansing.

Let your imagination wander.

Just to answer the Enlightened Spartan's final point:

It is simply the arrogance and audacity of the Michigan faithful, that "just about everyone would rather go to Michigan" -- yes, YOUR SH-- DOES STINK, TOO.

No it doesn't.