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Coach Rod's Contract

As has been widely reported, Coach Rod officially signed his contract with the University of Michigan last Friday.  The twelve page contract (.pdf) can be viewed here courtesy of  Highlights of the deal include:

  • 3.01 (b):  Length of contract is six (6) years
  • 3.02(a)-(f):  Salary- base of $300,000 plus annual additional compensation of $1.65 million plus bonuses
  • 3.02(g): Settlement payout to West Virginia University
  • 4.01(a): Early termination payout clause
  • 5.01:  Salary of nine asst. coaches & Strength and Conditioning Coordinator to be a fund of $1.95 million annually
  • 7.01:  Scheduling games shall be joint responsibility of Head Coach and A.D. with final decisions resting with A.D.

Go Blue!