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Check it.

Hello.  I'm Beauford Bixel, and until very recently, I was main writer behind the brilliance blog that was The Only Game That Matters.  That blog still exists, if you care to check it out and read awkward archive posts, but that isn't why I'm here now.  I'm here now because Dave has been gracious enough to have me and my co-writer Champ Summers move on over to MnB and write for this site. There is no real reason to delve into why I'm a Michigan fan, how long I've been a fan, or if I know what, exactly, Bo's hat size was.  Suffice to say I've been around for awhile, I know Michigan football, and it was 7 and five eighths.

TOGTM was around for 9 months of fairly consistant posting, which is exactly 72 years old in Blog years.  That consistant content, for better or worse, is what I hope to bring here.  I will probably be irreverent, and may be offfensive.  Hopefully I will counter that with being funny, smart, insightful, or some combination thereof. 

This will serve as my introduction, as lame as it is.  So check it.