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Michigan's offense: Steadily improving?

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Michigan (1-3, 2-6) is eight games into the reign of Coach Rod and the Wolverines are on the brink of snapping two prestigious streaks (33 consecutive bowl appearances; 41 straight seasons without a losing record).  However, the good news is that the 2008 Wolverines are improving with every game.  How do I know that? Well, after every loss (which is getting to be a regular occurrence) Coach Rod states at his post-game press conference that the team is improving in practice even if evidence of the improvement is not shown on the field during the games on Saturdays.  I'll have to take his word for it as I don't attend weekday practice sessions.  I will agree, however, that evidence of improvement is sorely lacking for those who merely watch the games. For example, the Wolverines' third down conversion percentage is atrocious.  This has been an area of concern all season.  Against the Spartans, Michigan only converted three of 12 third down plays (25%).  Michigan is now ranked 118th of 119 FBS schools in third down conversion rate (26.9% on the year).  As for total offense, Michigan is now ranked 111th of the 119 FBS teams.  Thus, even with two-thirds of the season gone, Michigan's offense remains mired at the very bottom of the national rankings.  The offense started the season playing poorly and is still playing poorly after eight games (six of them losses).  Hopefully some of that fantastic practice magic that Coach Rod is always speaking of will become evident during the games played in the final one-third of the season.  Go Blue!