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Game of the Century: Michigan v. Purdue

Saturday, Michigan will take on Purdue in a battle that will likely determine who keeps their pace for a run at the National Title...Big Ten Championship...New Years Bowl Game...any Bowl Game...not finishing last.  With such a titanic matchup a mere day away, let me be the first to exclaim that I am appalled at the lack of coverage here on the interwebs.  Thankfully, the only respectable Purdue blog who shows half-naked women on a regular basis, Boiled Sports, has agreed to sit down with me and discuss Purdue's historic season.  Part I of the interview is up over there, in which I answer some of his questions regarding Michigan's varying levels of awesome. 

This is Part II, and it will help your digestion, but only if you print it out and eat it.*

MnB:  Curtis Painter's Heisman campaign keeps chugging (yeah Boilers!) along without signs of slowing.  What will it take to derail (another!) the awards train?
Choo-choo! Yes, the Heisman campaign is right on track (oh yeah!) and Curtis continues putting up yards faster than a locomotive (okay, the metaphors are getting thin). Will he hit 2000 yards passing this season? Will he pass for 10 TDs on the season? Hard to say. Tim Tebow, eat your heart out.

MnB:  With Purdue tasting Big Ten Championship victory as recently as 8 years ago, how difficult is it to keep fan expectations in check?  
You know, it's tough.... after that 8-4 campaign in 2000, plus more 8-win seasons in '06 and '07, the fans are accustomed to unbridled greatness. I don't want to brag or anything, but have you heard that Joe Tiller has taken this team to 10 bowl games in 11 years? And that more than one of those were to the Sun Bowl? I mean, come on... name another program with that kind of football pedigree. Bowl bids aren't handed out like dollar bills at "Treasures" in Las Vegas, my man.
MnB:  When I look at Kory Sheets, there is only one emotion that runs through my veins, locking my limbs into paralyzed icicles.  That emotion is terror.  How many TD's do you expect from him this weekend?
When you talk about Kory "I don't just make it rain -- I make it rain SHEETS" Sheets, the question isn't how many touchdowns can we expect... it's more about how many touchdowns Kory feels like scoring. See, he's the engine that makes the Purdue train go.

MnB:  Purdue has a long history of coaches who make great decisions regarding personal grooming.  How is the fanbase taking the loss of both the Keady combover and the Tiller moustache over the past few years?
Clearly, there's a void left whenever a great individual in terms of hair departs a program. To have two legends depart in a matter of a few years would clearly be crippling to a lesser program like, say, LSU. However, Purdue, as always, has a contingency in place in having made their coaching transition decisions based solely on the one factor that really matters -- similar hair skills. Matt Painter and his beautiful head of hair followed out the natural-looking, jet-black-haired Keady... and now Danny Hope will be following Joe Tiller. Hope is also eating three boxes of Krispy Kremes a day in a diligent attempt to morph into Joe Tiller by next fall.

MnB:  Just hit me square:  How many points will Purdue win by?  I'll put the over/under at 43.
You're too kind. Michigan, clearly, is a powerhouse as well and there's no way to expect a blowout. Obviously, I don't think the Maize and Blue have a chance -- hey, just look at history between these two*.

*and by "history," I mean look at 2000.


Boiled Sports, ladies and gentlemen!


*you probably shouldn't do that.