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Where things stand after 5 games

The theme of Coach Rod's press conference yesterday was correcting the preventable mistakes.  He emphasized that through coaching and hard work the team should be able to eliminate the errors that have been holding the Wolverines back.  The game against MAC foe Univ. of Toledo (1-4) is Michigan's last chance to get things straightened out before playing six (6) straight Big 10 opponents with four of those games coming on the road.  Through five (5) games, here is where the Wolverines offense ranks nationally (of 119 teams):

The Wolverines (2-3) have lost three of their first five games this season.  This is the first time since 1967 that in the first five games to start a season that Michigan has incurred three defeats.  Of course, 1967 was also the last time the Wolverines posted a losing record (4-6).  The road to redemption for the 2008 Wolverines runs over Toledo so the team better have a good week of practice.  Go Blue!