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Big Ten Blogger Rountable Goes On Jeopardy!

It's been a little while since I participated in a BTB Roundtable. Part of it is that life hasn't cooperated and the other part is it seems like we're always asking the same questions. So my hat's off to The Only Game That Matters for taking the bull by the cajones and coming up with a fresh way of looking at this.

In an effort to switch things up combined with a weird obsession with Jeopardy, I've decided that this week I'm going to write the answers - you guys write the questions.  The questions can be one-liners, paragraphs, whatever.  The goal is to be as funny as you can, and I expect pot-shots taken at various teams and bloggers whether warranted or not (Call me a dumbass for these roundtables, and you might just make the side-bar).  Let's get a little life back into these things.

Cool. I can get behind this. So what's the deal? Where's the screen?


That's better. I'll take Big Ten Blogger Roundtable for $100.

And the answers are:

1)  Jay Paterno and the Spread HD:  What is a Mirage?

Jay Paterno is still the same incompetent yokel whose head Penn State fans have been calling for over the last five years. The fact that Darryl Clark can run down the field without spearing himself in spite of Jay Paterno's coaching is arguably the greatest mystery of the college football season. In fact, it should probably be its own Jeopardy category.

2)  Joe Tiller's Mustache:  What is Diabeetus?

Bitches don't know.





3)  The Color Purple:  What is a sad, yet heart warming story of a family torn apart in the early 1900's? Oh. Wait. Not the movie?

Then what is the strangest sight atop the Big Ten in 12 years? Goddamn Fitzgerald.... Grumble...


4)  Brains:  What is not just for breakfast anymore?




5)  Hawkeye State:   Who is a proud member of the Lemon Party? (That's just too easy.)


6)  Rudy:  What is,


I hate Rudy.

7)  Knee Ligaments:

What are more painful to watch snap than any other part of the human anatomy?


8)  Terrell Pryor:

Who is the second coming of Maurice Clarrett?



9)  Mark May:

Who is covered in Lou Holth spittle?


10)  Rich Rodriguez:

Who is going to make the Big Ten his bitch in the next two years?


Thanks again to The Only Game That Matters for hosting. The Round-Up will be posted there on Friday. Make sure to check it out.