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You Got the Touch. You Got the Power.

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Ed Note - If you knew what this was just by reading the title, you're just as big a dork as I am.

Laurinaitis_mediumLaurinaitis: Come out Wolverine, we all must die someday.

T1_sheridan_mediumSheridan: Not today Laurinitis. *smacks Laurinaitis in the face*

Sheridan scrambles right for no reason. Laurinaitis chases after him, with Sheridan extending a right stiff arm. Laurinits catches Sheridan, and beings to choke the life out of him.

Laurinaitis_mediumLaurinaitis: I will crush you with my bare hands! Die Wolverine!

Laurinaitis_mediumLaurinaitis: First Hart, then Henne, now you, it's a pity you Wolverines die so easily, else I might have a sense of satisfaction now.

Sheridan grasps the locket with Bo's picture in it around his neck and Laurinaitis is flung off as a stunning transformation occurs to Sheridan, becoming Tom Brady.

Images_medium Bo's Voice: Arise, Bradimus Prime.

Images_mediumBradimus: Bo....

Laurinaitis_mediumLaurinaitis: No!  *Shoots the locket out of Bradimus' hands.*

Images_medium Bradimus: That's right motherfucker, this is the end of the road.

Bradimus picks up Laurinaitis and simply throws him out of the Horseshoe.

Images_medium Bradimus: *Opening the locket* Now light our darkest hour.

Light from the locket expands to fill the stadium, the cockroaches fans flee, Greg Mathews breaks free and Bradimus finds him in the endzone for the game winning touch down.

Images_mediumTressel: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  *Explodes*


If only.....

Yes. It's just as creepy as you remember...