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McGuffie Back in the Fold?

Some news, updates, etc. on the PANIC OMG PANIC moment of the week, via Scout($) and ESPN:

  • Wide Receiver Zion Babb was kicked off the team for violating rules.  This is not a transfer, it's a dismissal.  I can't find the exact rules that were violated, but suffice to say he is no longer with the team.
  • Sam McGuffie is EXPECTED TO PLAY this Saturday against Ohio State after attending a funeral in Texas.  I fully expect him to be staring ice-daggers from his helmet at anyone who so much as talks to him this weekend, friend or foe.  Welcome back, Sam.  We'd all love to get ice-daggered for the next 3 years if you don't mind.   


  • Now go kick some Ohio State ass.
  • Steve Schilling, arguably the most talented and certainly most experienced offensive linemen has injured his knee and is questionable for Ohio State.  More Arg.
  • Steven Threet is practicing, but in a backup roll to Nick Sheridan who continues to get the first team snaps.  I also expect to see Feagin in an expanded roll because, really, what do we have to lose?
  • Finally, defensive tackle Jason Kates has left the team voluntarily after not playing much this year.  With Mike Martin expirimenting with various levels of awesome this year as a true freshman, and with a whole slew of very talented DT's coming in next year's recruiting class, the transfer is probably not unexpected.  I wish Kates the best as he continues to pursue life, wherever it takes him.

Also of note, Orson Swindle of EDSBS had a dream last night that Michigan beat Ohio State.  Why is this of note?  Because of this statement:

Remember, though: someone’s getting their head kicked in on Saturday. It’s probably [Michigan], but sometimes, people are wrong about those foot-to-head roles.

Keep.  Hope.  Alive. 

Keep.  Hope.  Alive.  Indeed.