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Don't you dare try to sneak into this and say "Michigan still sucks though" or "Minnesota sucks, so it's no surprise" or "This is meaningless anyways."  Don't you dare try to ruin my parade.  Today, Michigan came into 7-2 Minnesota's house and completely dominated every facet of the game.  Offense?  How does a balanced attack for 29 points sound.  Defense?  How about holding the Gophers to ZERO FIRST DOWNS for the entire first quarter, and a total of 6 POINTS?  Special teams?  How about KC Lopata knocking through field goal after field goal, and a fake punt by Space Emperor, esq.  All while the defense slowly smothered Minnesota.  This is not a bad team in Minnesota.  Today, Michigan did things that made Minnesota a bad team.  There is a difference.  The pressure was good, the tackling was sound (largely), and the coverage was on lock.  Offensively, Feagin and Minor both had long runs, and Sheridan kept his eyes downfield while scrambling on more than one occasion, turning a busted play into a first down.

So no, unrepentantly pessimistic bastard Michigan fan, you cannot ruin this for me.  This season has been hard enough without you raining while the sun's finally out.  We keep the jug.  The sun might not be out for long, but damn, does it feel good right now.  More on what this means for the future later.  Go celebrate.  And don't fall into the "we didn't deserve this one" trap.  If you've been following this team with your heart all season, this feels pretty damn good.