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The Revolution Will Not be Televised

Instead, it will be on your computer.  That's right - tomorrow evening, 8:00 PM, I encourage each of you to join the Wolverine Liberation Army, Brian from Mgoblog, Johnny from Ron Bellamy's Underachieving All-Stars, Gsimms from 3 and out, and myself for what is being called The Michigan Worker's Congress. 

UPDATE:  Tim and Paul from the newly-minted Varsity Blue will be there as well, which means I have more people to not keep up with.

This will be a "Cover-It-Live" style debate/roundtable on, among other things, Michigan Football, Rodriguez, the fan's tolerance for pain, Zima, and Unicorns. 

This event will be hosted by the Wolverine Liberation Army over at their place.  I encourage you to stop by, say hello, and make fun of me profusely as I attempt to keep up with the following:

1)  The WLA's revolutionary nonsense

2)  Mgoblog's general brilliance on most things regarding Michigan Football

3)  Johnny's prose

4)  Gsimm's football accumen

So, right.  Tomorrow evening, 8PM EST, at the Wolverine Liberation Army's encampment -

I hope to see some of you there.

End Transmission.