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Gone Baby Gone

Shafer is no longer the Defensive Coordinator at Michigan.  While I don't think this is as suprising as, say, opening your refridgerator to get a glass of milk only to find that instead of a milk carton there is a bee hive and the bees have nuclear warheads on their stingers as well as jet-packs and little space helmets, it is quite surprising.  There will be rampant speculation, I'm sure, on who the replacement should be (bring back English!*) and that will be fun.  The release I read made it seem as though it was a pressured-resignation type thing.  Freakin' layoffs, man, I'm telling you.

Join us at tonight at 8:00 for the conviening of the politburo, or whatever the hell those guys have come up with.  I'm sure the new DC discussion will probably monopolize the time, and I will personally count how many times coach Gsimms types in "okie."

*not going to happen, but I will beat this drum until it's broken, damnit.