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Second Half Effort Nets Michigan a 60-52 Win Over Iowa

Wow. After the first half from hell, I didn't see this one coming. A 23-6 run? Sims playing a complete game? Harris stepping it up in the second half after getting shut out in the first? Anthony Wright becoming a legitimate scoring threat? Wow. A road win over a team that beat MSU and OSU? A balanced inside-out offense that legitimately tried to pound the ball inside during the second half? I'm in shock.

Just a couple of quick thoughts:

  1. Zach Gibson is a pretty good defender, but lacks strength. Iowa pushed him around inside. Also He should not, under any circumstances, shoot three pointers.

  2. Kelvin Grady needs to shoot more, but I'll take 9 assists any day.

  3. David Merritt tries very hard and is competent on the offensive side of the court, but has no concept of playing team defense.

  4. Udoh needs to work that baby hook more often. With his arms, no one will be able to block it.

  5. Manny Harris could be a taller version of Daniel Horton, and I mean that in the best possible way.

  6. Anthony Wright should be starting.
More on this soon, but for now revel in a two game winning streak.

9 assists, ZERO turnovers. Wow.