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Monday Happy Hour Is a Regional Champ (Again)

For the record, there ain't a whole lot going on, so please excuse the rather abbreviated Happy Hour. On the plus side, actual content is on its way. Over the next few weeks I've arranged some Q&A sessions to shed some light on Michigan's upcoming football schedule! More on that soon. But for now, here's what happened over the weekend.

Softball Wins Regional Crown, Advances to Super Regional - Kudos to the Women's softball team for their weekend Regional triumphs over Wright State, Notre Dame and Kent State. The ladies put up 23 runs in 3 games and allowed only five runs on the weekend (all against Wright State in Michigan's 13-5 shellacking of the Wright State, um... whatevertheyares).

The team advances to the NCAA Super Regional where they will host Virginia Tech in a best of three series to determine who goes to the College Womens' World Series in Oklahoma. First pitch is at noon EST on Saturday. Ticket information can be found here. Come on folks, if you're in town on Saturday and Sunday, it's between $7 and $8 to cheer on the Softball team. Get out there!

Special congratulations to Marley Powers who went 2-3 with 2 HRs and 7 RBI over the weekend. That is officially insane.

"Tradition" Restored, #1 Jersey Issue Straightened Out - Apparently Braylon is happy again. While taking an off season break to play in the “Champions for Children’s Hearts” celebrity golf tournament, it appears Braylon Edwards had the chance to talk jerseys with Rick Rodriguez. His comments afterwards? "Everything has been taken care of." (HT: Detroit News). Good news. While I was somewhat indifferent to the "OMG Tradition!" panic that seemed to hit when Braylon started barking a couple weeks ago, the fact that a major benefactor and one of the NFL's elite receivers was pissed at the school was not lost on me. Still, like MGoBlog, I wasn't up in arms about the "tradition" that was being interrupted. However, as things seem to when given time and as little hype as possible, the situation resolved amicably and those waiving the "Ha Ha, RichRod Will Destroy You From The Inside!" banner must now pack their flag away. At least until the next meaningless controversy finds space in the papers.

Speaking of Receivers, Michigan Nabs Top Minnesota Wideout - w00t! Bryce McNeal commits to Michigan. Commit #8 for the 2009 class. Google stalking at Mgoblog.

In Addition To Their Third Straight Big Ten Crown, Baseball Sets Record - In the course of dominating the conference Michigan's Baseball team set a new record for Big Ten wins in a season with 25. Congrats to the team on both a well earned title and a the record. Michigan's first game in the Big Ten Baseball Tournament is Thursday, May 22, at 7:05pm.