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Thursday Happy Hour Goes International

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Apparently Detroit Too Close, Belien Goes Continental to Sign German Wing - According the the Ann Arbor News, Michigan Basketball head coach John Beliein has filled out his 2008-2009 recruiting class by adding 6'10" German prodigy Robin Benzing. UM Hoops put together an excellent google-stalking of Michigan's latest recruit, who apparently can shoot from the outside but can't do so much around the rim. Benzing has drawn some comparisons to fellow German Dirk Nowitzki, I'm sure largely because he is tall and German.


Beilein in Europe (via

With the 2008-2009 recruiting classes pretty much set state-side, Beilein drifted to the other side of the pond to recruit Benzing. Apparently Benzing had his eye on playing US college ball for some time and his size and shooting appear to fit Beilein's system to a tee. Defensively? Meh. No one's going to replace Udoh. When one of the first things you see on someone's defensive resume is "good at taking charges," you know you're not getting a physical presence. Still, he's reportedly a good enough offensive player to warrant some excitement. So "woo!"

Rich Rod says Freshman Will Play this Year - Rich, we kinda figured.

Cris Carter Will Take You Out Right Here - Why Cris. I'm flattered. But I don't swing that way. Oh. Never mind, you meant "hit" me. Oh. Okay. Well in that case you're apparently 12 years old and living in a perpetual playground where you're the boss of the swings. Good for you.

Carter has his knickers all in a bunch because "Some Michigan Blog said I was an asshole. Better nobody say that to my face." Aside from the fun we can have with Carter's misuse of the English language, we can only marvel at the thin skin of a man who used to play professional football. Cris, I've got new for you, you've been called much, much worse on any Sunday when you played against Green Bay, Detroit or Chicago.

Additionally, for a man with a seemingly decent bank account, you are sadly misinformed as to the litigious nature of our society. While away from the swings and the sandbox you also seem to believe you live in a place where punch someone in face for a written word is smiled upon. “You damn well better not of, ’cause if you had, I’d take you out right here.” Even if  Will Leitch had written what you have now confirmed to be true, would "taking him out" have disproved his point? Further, "taking him out" would also merit your arrest and corresponding civil suit by any number of successful, eager, non-Minnesota based attorneys.  One punch is an expensive proposition in our country, Mr. Carter.

So, please leave the sandbox and rejoin the rest of us in the real world. On the other hand, if you meant "take you out right here" in the context of buying him dinner in an effort to prove to him you are in fact a nice guy, then please disregard my comments.

ESPN's BCS at 10 - The folks over at ESPN have a look back at some of the highlights for the Big Ten over the life of the BCS. Worth a look. All the Wisconsin teams are rated too high, the 2002 Iowa team is not given nearly enough credit, and how Drew Brees ranks as the 2nd best player in Big Ten BCS history is beyond me.