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98 Days to Football and Reason #98 to Love Ann Arbor

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#98 in our continuing Series of 100 Days to Football and 100 Reasons to Love Ann Arbor


#98 - The UGLi


Hey! The place I told my parents I studied at! (via

Ah, the venerable Undergraduate Library, affectionately referred to as "the UGLi." Site of so many wasted nights and wasted mornings right before my exams. To be honest I didn't even know the place existed for my first two years of college. I wish I'd found it sooner. It was quiet. Well lit. Spacious. The perfect place to get caught up on a month's worth of reading in two days. It was also a great place to "run into" the hot girl in your psych class who studied a lot harder than you did. Whether you were trying to bang out a paper or trying to convince your girlfriend that the Science stacks were a great place to bang something else out, the UGLi is one of those Michigan experiences everyone seems to share. And because of that, its #98 on our Countdown.

If you've got suggestions on places you'd like to see, email me with a photo or a description and we'll get your favorite hangouts in the countdown as well (especially you, engineers, I have no idea what you did when you weren't tethered to the computers in North Campus)