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Maize n Brew to Get Facelift, Augmentation a Possibility

Changes are comin' folks. SB Nation's transition to its new blogging platform has hit high gear and many of its college sites will be making the transition this week. This is especially exciting because Maize n Brew gets its facelift tonight. As Kyle has pointed out, Rocky Top Talk has been previewing some of the new features of the new platform. I highly encourage you to head over to Rocky Top Talk to check it out. But if you're not so inclined, trust me. The new platform is awesome.

Not only have the Reader features been upgraded considerably, things like "FanShots" will replace the Diary Section (and be substantially easier to post for you, the reader), but you'll be able to access scores and similar information on other blogs with the click of a finger. However, I would venture a guess that perhaps the biggest difference the new platform will make is with me, your humble blogger. The posting mechanism I now have is now superior to anything I've seen, anywhere.

This is big of two reasons. 1) I absolutely suck at HTML. Any cool graphs or pictures or other interesting techy things? Stolen. Right Click. View Source. Steal. Steal. Steal. I have next to no HTML ability, but the new platform will allow me to make graphs, tables, and link with ease. I usually waste between 30 minutes to an hour fumbling with links and HTML screwups that delay or kill posts all together. The new platform erases those problems. It's a god send. I'd hug the guys that created it if I could, but I suspect they'd probably prefer a handshake. Whatever. Being married has softened me somewhat. 2) The new posting gizmo also has all the littel tihngs liek spell cecker, which is huge for a guy like me whotendsto tyep faster than he tinks. The Posts will come out clearer and look less like they were scribbled on a napkin by a four year old, in crayon.

So really it's win win for everyone.

Once the move is complete, and you'll know the move has happened because the site will look more like this, except not in vomit orange (j/k Pete), site members will need to claim their network-wide screen names. You're in there, so don't worry, you just need to confirm a few things. Once you're in, you'll be able to post FanShots and explore the Plethora (yeeeees, El Jefe) of new features including Michigan's rosters, schedules and statistics! Not too shabby, eh?

I'm really excited about the move and really believe it's a great step forward for this wonderful network and a giant leap for Maize n Brew.

Moon landing = Site upgrade? What the hell, I'll stand by it.