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15 Michigan Football Players to Get Excited About - #14 Morgan Trent



Speed. Pure and simple. Trent has undergone a renniasance over the last year, from burnt extra crispy after the 2007 Rose Bowl to elite shutdown corner. Both pro and college scouts are enamored with the 6'1", 190 senior. Much was made of the 4.1 forty Trent supposedly ran over the summer. Hell, even everyone's least favorite 5 foot tall mouth said his little piece about it. But the point was made. Trent is fast.

After a sophmore season behind Leon Hall, Trent posted 2 INTs and 8 PBUs last year despite being matched up against the opposition's best wideout. Like the entire Michigan team, Trent struggled early but got better as the season went on. But this year is different. There's no margin for error or time to improve.

In 2008 Trent goes into every game with a bullseye on his back. He's the corner the scouts love. He's the guy that can make or break your highlight tape. He's also the guy that can crush your dreams, pick off your pass, and flatten you short of the goal line. He's one of our 15 Michigan Football Players to get excited about in 2008.

If you're a playa, pop your colla...