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14 Days to Football and Reason #36 to Love Ann Arbor

There are just 14 Days Left Till Kick-off, but we're running a little behind on the Countdown. So with 14 Days Left, you’re gonna get three reasons a day to Love Ann Arbor until we get caught up! So, here's #36 in our continuing Series of 100 Days to Football and 100 Reasons to Love Ann Arbor.

#36 – Crisler Arena


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It's hard to call Crisler a reason to love Ann Arbor after the last decade of Michigan basketball. But it was once one of the hottest tickets in all of Michigan. Home to Rudy T, Cazzie, Rice, the Fab Five, the 1989 national championship, Crisler is a piece of Michigan history. It knows Michigan's past all too well, but it also is a part of its bright future under Coach Beilein. It may be dim and ugly, but it's the House Cazzie built and #36 in our Countdown and Reason #36 to Love Ann Arbor.

If you've got suggestions on places you'd like to see, email me with a photo or a description and we'll get your favorite hangouts in the countdown as well. I'll also try to get a link on the sidebar in the coming days that allows you to see all 100 Reasons to Love Ann Arbor.