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15 Michigan Football Players to Get Excited About - #71 Mark Ortmann



Folks, meet your new left tackle. For the first time in three years, Jake Long won't be protecting Michigan's signal caller's blind side. That responsibility now rests on the shoulders of red shirt junior Mark Ortmann. Ortmann's played little in his two seasons as an active Wolverine. As a redshirt freshman he saw almost no game time, and last season only managed significant minutes due to injuries on the line. On the positive side, Ortmann did show some flashes of being decent. Going into 2008, he’s cemented at left tackle and will bookend Michigan's offensive line with Steve Schilling. Ortmann was also had a decent spring when the pressure was put on.

At 6-7, 300, Ortmann's the type of guy that should be a tackle at the major college level. As a prep prospect, Ortmann was actually a three star Tight End who projected to the next level as a tackle. When he committed to Michigan in the 2005 class, it was well known he'd have to make the transition, and four years in this is where Michigan starts reaping the benefits.  There are going to be rough spots, but Ortmann's not someone you want to be against. Judging by his spring practice, diligence in the weight room, frame and athletic ability, Ortmann could grow into a monster tackle. That's why he's one of our 15 Michigan Football Players to Get Excited About in 2008.