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12 Days to Football and Reason #29 Love Ann Arbor

There are just 12 Days Left Till Kick-off, but we're running a little behind on the Countdown. So with 12 Days Left, you’re gonna get three reasons a day to Love Ann Arbor until we get caught up! So, here's #29 in our continuing Series of 100 Days to Football and 100 Reasons to Love Ann Arbor.

#29 - Scorekeepers


S'keepers (via jeffwilcox)

Yeah, another bar. But it's monday and you should be thinking of happy things and not your work. S'keepers was always that bar that was a happy medium between enough TV's and beer to make it a solid sports bar and just enough college, chick friendly crap to bring the ladies in. I never figured out what exactly encouraged women to come to that place, but I'm not complaining. S'keepers is Ann Arbor's best sports bar. Plain and simple. TV's everywhere. Pitchers, Pitchers, and more Pitchers.  Good beer selection. Decent food. Plenty of space. Guys night out usually turned into an "every man for himself" when the sororities would empty into the place around 11. Good times. Even Brian Griese loved the place, sort of. But hey, he won us a national championship, so all is forgiven. Yet another reason why it's #29 in our Countdown and Reason #29 to Love Ann Arbor.

If you've got suggestions on places you'd like to see, email me with a photo or a description and we'll get your favorite hangouts in the countdown as well. I'll also try to get a link on the sidebar in the coming days that allows you to see all 100 Reasons to Love Ann Arbor.