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9 Days to Football and Reasons #27, #26, and # 25 to Love Ann Arbor

The interwebs were a little spotty in Northern Wisconsin, so we're running a little farther behind than usual. But fear not, the next two days will be jam packed with posts. The days may be a little off, but we'll be caught up as of Friday, so enjoy this double dose of 100 reasons to love Ann Arbor! -  Maize n Brew Dave

There are just 9 Days Left Till Kick-off, but we're running a little behind on the Countdown. So with 9 Days Left, you’re gonna get three reasons a post to Love Ann Arbor until we get caught up! So, here's #27, #26, and #25 in our continuing Series of 100 Days to Football and 100 Reasons to Love Ann Arbor.

#27 - The Old Heidelberg



German beer. German food. So Good. Soooooo Cheap. And somehow hasn't gotten shut down for failure to card! It's #27 in our Countdown and Reason #27 to Love Ann Arbor.

#26 – Michigan Cheerleaders




For some reason the Michigan Cheerleaders have gotten substantially better looking over the past ten years. If you take away the minivan, soccer mom look they had going on two years ago, the outfits have been good and frankly the difficulty of some of the tumbling routines they’re performing has gone through the roof. Now if they could just lose the dudes. In all seriousness, the Cheerleaders are now as much a part of the game day experience as any of the ancillary entertainment that occurs during the game. I don’t think they get enough credit for the hard work they do, or how good they are at it. That’s why they’re #26 in our Countdown and Reason #26 to Love Ann Arbor.

#25 – Nichols Nickels Arcade



Simply a beautiful piece of architecture and one of the hidden gems of Ann Arbor that’s hidden in plain sight. Nichol’s Nickels Arcade (dammit! - ed.) is one of the few areas left in Ann Arbor that takes you back a couple of generation to a time when the majority of the high end shops in Ann Arbor were contained inside its walls, the horse was the preferred method of transportation, and those damn Spaniards were making a fuss over Cuba. Today it has beautiful art galleries, travel agencies, shoe cobblers, and tobaccanist. Maybe not that much has changed since the 1900’s after all. Just another reason why it's #25 in our Countdown and Reason #25 to Love Ann Arbor.

If you've got suggestions on places you'd like to see, email me with a photo or a description and we'll get your favorite hangouts in the countdown as well. I'll also try to get a link on the sidebar in the coming days that allows you to see all 100 Reasons to Love Ann Arbor.