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Weis explains origin of "To Hell with Michigan" remark

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At his weekly news conference Tuesday, Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weis explained the origins of his infamous "To Hell with Michigan" remark he made at a breakfast before the Blue-Gold game this past April.  Coach Weis stated by way of explaination during his Tuesday press conference,

"You know, anyone who is a Michigan fan should know and understand that that comment pays respect to Bo and his mentality when playing an opponent." 

Of course, Coach Schembechler notoriously commented "To hell with Notre Dame" on many occasions over the years, most notably when the Fightin' Irish refused to join the Big Ten Conference.  Nevertheless, the current Wolverines appear to be using Coach Weis' comment as extra-motivation for this Saturday's upcoming contest.  According to DE Tim Jamison, Coach Weis' comment was,

"plastered all over our training room."  Jamison went on to say, "Now that we're about to face Notre Dame, we can look back at that. To some people it helps. That's why you've got to watch what you say."

  Go Blue!