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Maize n Brew Welcomes a New Writer!

If you've stopped by Maize n Brew over the last two and a half years, you're probably aware that the sole source of content on this little corner of the interwebs has been yours truly. It's been a wonderful, and rewarding. Thankfully, the contributions of some great commenters like formerlyanonymous, Reed from roadgames07, georgiablue and many others have provided some great insight and ideas via fanposts, emails, or contributions in the comments sections. Even with their help, I've still wanted to give Maize n Brew's readers more to read and think about on a daily basis. Today I'm proud to say that the first step toward more, insightful content has been taken.

Please join me in welcoming Mzgoblue of Michigan Football Saturdays to Maize n Brew. Mz is and has been the proprietor of MFS for the last two years and brings a new and fresh perspective to Maize n Brew. Importantly, he's a historical knowledge base about Michigan football that I can't even begin to touch. You'll also notice he's a true Schembechler devotee and student of the impact Bo had on Michigan's program and traditions. As a result he brings the ability to link the past with the present and give all of us some perspective as this season and the seasons ahead unfold. We're not going to agree on everything, but that's part of the fun. I'm really happy he chose to join up. We're planning to roll out a whole new host of features here, but we'll get that to you in good time.

As you can see, Mz already has his first post up, so please welcome him to Maize n Brew.