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Monday Press Conference

Coach Rodriguez met with the media today for his weekly Monday Press Conference.  (text transcript)  Coach Rod addressed the state of the team as the Wolverines head into a bye week as they try and regroup from the disappointing loss against Notre Dame.  In discussing the schedule for this bye week, Coach Rod said the following:

Normally they have Mondays off. But today we're going to get a short practice in, mostly special teams, as we've got a lot of work to do there. Probably be about an hour or so this afternoon. Then we'll practice normally on Tuesday. Practice on Wednesday. Probably go early. I think we're looking at an early practice, maybe a 6 a.m. on Thursday.

Then this is the one open week. It's an opportunity for coaches to go out and evaluate recruits. So we'll go do that on Thursday and Friday, maybe even some of the guys on Saturday. So the players will have Friday and Saturday off from practice. Then we'll go back on our normal schedule on Sunday.

That's kind of what we're doing this week so far; could be subject to change. But that looks like what we planned on doing.

It could be a long bye-week for the boys.  Go Blue!