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Carson Butler hates everything Irish

In 2007, Carson Butler was charged with aggravated assault stemming from an incident at a dorm with a student on St. Patrick's Day (March 17, 2007).  The incident became known around campus as The St. Patrick's Day Massacre.  Butler was even dismissed from the team by Coach Carr although Butler was eventually re-instated.  Fast forward to last Saturday's game vs. Notre Dame in South Bend, IN.  In the 4th quarter of the game, Butler was ejected for punching a Fighting Irish player.  The Big 10 informed Coach Rod that Butler would NOT be suspended for his behavior.  Coach Rod said he was "not overly concerned" with Butler's actions.  Coach Rod stated,

"He shouldn't have done it. It was a lack of poise. He apologized. We'll move on."

Butler is lucky that Coach Carr is not still the Head Coach because there is no doubt that Lloyd would have booted Butler off the team for good for his actions considering Butler's past history.  However, Rich Rod is either oblivious or just does not care.  Either way, Butler benefits as he gets to stay with the team to wreak more havoc.  Go Blue!