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Where Do You Watch Michigan Football? An Attempt to Compile a Complete Michigan Football Bar List

We've all got our favorite place to watch Michigan football. That place where the beer is cold, the food is good and the TV's are plentiful. For some of us, we're lucky enough to watch it from a tiny seat in a crowded Michigan Stadium. For others, we watch it on our couch with friends and family (or sometimes by ourselves so no one gets hurt by the projectiles we throw with each bad call).

But for the majority of Michigan alumni and fans throughout the country, Michigan football is viewed somewhere away from home and away from Michigan Stadium. But where do you go? What about that stupid family wedding that's not scheduled until after the game's over, but is taking place in Atlanta when you live in Dallas? What about the fan who's stuck in New York for business over the weekend, while her friends head out to their favorite bar to watch the game back home. How about the fan who just moved to St. Louis after five years in Florida, where does he go to catch the game?

Where do people go to watch their beloved Wolverines kick the crap out of their opponents? How do they know where to go? For most of us trapped in an unfamiliar City or even in one we've lived in for twenty years, it's hard to find a place to watch the Michigan game. It's even harder to catch a Michigan basketball or hockey game unless you know the right spot.

Well, Maize n Brew is endeavoring to give you that information. I am calling upon you, loyal readers, casual visitors, and people who hate me, to help compile a list of all the Bars, Restaurants, or gathering places that Michigan fans outside of Ann Arbor can go to catch Michigan Athletics and join up with their fellow alumni and fans to Cheer the Victors after every score.

I don't care where it is. If it's a place in Detroit, Islamabad, Tokyo, Tulsa, or Las Vegas, I want to know about it. In an attempt to start us out here are a couple of the places I know of:


Mad River - 2909 N Sheffield - Lots of TV's decent food, high ceilings give it the allusion of extra space, even when it's jam packed. Blimpy Burger references too. Nice eye candy.

Duffy's Tavern - 420 1/2 W Diversey Parkway - Always packed. Great food. Total meat market. Wear protection, you're going to get spilled on (mind out of the gutters, people). TV's everywhere. As a plus they show Michigan basketball AND Michigan Hockey on request.

Washington, DC:

The Pour House - (upstairs) - 319 Pennsylvania Avenue - An old haunt of mine. Totally redone around 2001, decent food and always a spot to sit and watch the game on their pull down HD projector.

Come on folks, help us out. Put your favorite Michigan bar in the comments below so every Michigan fan, no matter where they are, can catch the Wolverines on Saturday!

To help us compile the list, please provide us with:

  • The Name of the bar or gathering spot;
  • The Address;
  • Some factoids about the place;
  • And if you feel so inclined, a web address, specials, and other fun facts.

Thanks for your help everyone! We'll get the sidebar link up soon with the ever-evolving results.