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Thumbin' Through Michigan Football Game #4: Michigan 27 Wisconsin 25

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Thumbin' Through, I bring my Treo to every game and thumb out my thoughts as the game goes on. This is complete stream of consciousness. The idea is to put you right inside my head as the game goes on, play by play, Being John Malkovich style. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's painful. Often it's obscene. But it's never boring. So if you have delicate sensibilities, I would recommend you skip this posting and continue on to the rest of site. Regards - Ed.

Thumbin Through Michigan Football v. Wisconsin!


UM to KO to UW
KO! UW return to um 40. Ugh.

1d uw - 2wd - hill midl. Stuffed, 3 yrd
2d -  hill brks tkls to rt mid gts 1d
1d - @ 25 - option lft - stffd by warrn
2d - wrrn btn on post to bck lft ez - but drpd. Whew
3d & 9 - wr scr rt. Hit & fmbl! Um rcvr by s brown @ 9
Call ovr rld.
Ply @ 14 - fg try - hkd it lft! woooooooo!


1d UM @ 20 - 3wd - mcgf rn lft for 2
2d - scrn lft for loss two
3d - threet scrmbls midl - rckd - fmbls - dammit -gt 15 bf hit.

1d uw - pass to hill rt for 10
1d - qb stmbls. Down loss 2
2d - hill mld for 3
3d - pass slnt to rt shrt.
Fg try coming - good.

UW 3 UM 0

Hrrsn trnt bk - hrrisn buried @ 16. Hestitated.
1d - rn lft - mcgf stfd - lots of UW in back fld
2d - thrt zn rd midl lft for 12!
1d - mcgf rn lft. Schlling manhandling his oposite.
2d - odoms pass bhnd los - stpd
3d - pass middl to odoms ovr thrn almst ppkd. Why thr to shrtest guy on team in midl of field 15 yrds away?

Play clling bad so far.

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UW on 31 aftr punt FC
1d - harrisn just slms hill @ 34 on rn lft.
2d - pass lft to andrsn in frnt of trnt.

1d - brown rns thr midl for 9
2d & 1 - rn mdl rt by brwn for 2

1d - hill rns midl for 6 - safties mkin stps
2d - hill falls forward rt for 2
3&1 -hill stfd midl lks shrt!
4th! - thmpsn jumps off sds - gives them 1d - dammit

1d -s. Brwn in cvrg! Inc. Lkd compent
2d - jamo pbu, got free on lft
3d - hill on drw to lft.
Fg try gd

6-0 uw

UW KO to hrrisn - rtn to 17

1d - rvrs to odoms - 5 yrdloss, agn
2d - mcgf to rt for 4 - wife calls play callin weis-esque
3d&9 - thrt pass to no one almst pickd.
4th dwn - no ply - end 1st qrt

Strt 2nd qrt
4th - um to pnt - lousy kick - rolls to 33

1d - ps lft - chrls stwrt INT! batted ball. Shvld been comp but wr bttd ball in air.

1d UM - zn rd thrt rn rt for nth
2d - pass lft to hmngwy ovr thrwn.
3d - dly drw to mcgf stfd
4th - pnt to 21

1d - FS UW
1d & 15 - pass lft  s vicious hit - yikes.
2&8 - misdirect to left on pass - goes for 30
1d - mouton drags dwn andrsn in spc for gn of 3
2d - brwn midl rt for 2
3d & 5 - sack & fmbl ! Flg on UW. johsn rcvrs

1d UM - cbrwn in - option rt to mcgf - fumbl on pitch - lks oob bfr recv by uw

UW on top of evry run ply

Call ovr rld. Stl UM ball

2d - i form - mondrous - mcgf midl rt 4 5

3d - anthr high pass middl brkn up

4th - pnt pinnd at 10

1d - hill mdl  for 7
2d - hill runs lft for nthn mouton stuffs him alone
3d - mouton and taylor sack qb!
pnt - mthws fmlbs - runs bk lft and fmbls - UW rcvrs

Wtf!? Agn!? ball in insde hand. dammit. UM TO.

Ply undr rvw? No idea. Why not? Rply shws clrly recvr oobs!? Why no
rvw?! Offcls suck today. UW ball.

1d UW - roll out lft pass for 7
2&3 - hill rns rt, taylor stuffs aftr 2 yrds
3&1 - cut back by clay trnt blws tkl - 30 yrds - wrnn stps clay shrt of gl
1&gl - to uw - lots of slmpd shldrs on um d
1&gl - clay stpd in bkfld but no wrap up, rumbls lft for td. Shldv bn hold in ez on wr on trent.

This is fucking pathetic. D hs no chnce if all drves srt @ UM 30.


Trnt rtns ko - fmbls on 27 uw rcvr

Shoot me

1p - mssed it. 3yrds.
2d & 7 - TO UW
3d & 7 - pass inc
4th - fg gd

16 -0

4;47 left and we have 19 yrds

Rtn to 20
1d - rl out rt pass inc on cross.
2d - mcgf buried on rn lft
3d - nthn open thrt buys time on scrmbl mthws rds it cuts north gets
held and pass is inc. BS reffing 2 obv pi-s in one series missed.

UW ball
1d - pass play ezeh just crushes qb - shrt pass
2d - rn mdl to rt - arm tkl stps him for 4
3d - scrn to hill stfd
4th - pnt pins mich @ 10

1d - rn mcgf midl - nthn
2d - mcgf rn rt - woo - 1yrd
3d - same stupid route to the shortest off player - ovr thrwn turns
into int. Ovr thr agn. Threet sailing evrythng

Pf for celebr

1d rn
2d nice pass to rt in frnt wrrn for 1d.
1d - @35 - pass lft deep shrt of wr - brn almost pks it
2d - stwrt on bltz smokes qb as he releases ball, catch to lft but
trnt kills wr - nasty hits.
3d - pass lft - gd prssr - inc.

4thfg try - good 40 somethin yrdr

19 nthn
202 yrds UW - 21 yrds mich.

Avry horn back with 10 sec in half

Ko - rtn to 39 - wooo. No fmbl. 4 secs.
1d - thrt hit as he thrws - int - rn bk to the 5 time expires.

Worst fucking half of football I've evr seen.

Strt 2nd half

Ko to UM shrt kick to odoms - rtn to 28

1d - who qb? - thrt! - cbrwn - pass lft c brwn for 1d to lft.
1d - brwn dances lft midl for nthn
2d - thrt dump off on scrmbl to cbrwn for 3
3&7 - obv scrn to brwn rd and stuffd. Cbrwn made half team miss bfr brt dwn
Pnt to 10 - ryn to 17, buried

UW 1d - hill thmps lft for 9
2d - fb draw for 4 - midl

1d - offsd on taylor 5 yrds
1&5 - hill rt for 2
2&2 - clay runs midl for nthn
3&1 - hill gts 2 up mdl lft

1d - @ 44 - hill strts lft cuts rt buried by brwn grham
2&9 - jamo in face of qb on btlg - pass inc on drp ball
3&8 - pass into spc on lft sd picks up 1d - grt ht by hrrisn

1d - anthr drp ball on rlout to lft
2d - hill rns rt - thmpsn strngs it out by hmslf
3&8 - wr scn. Wrrn brs wr
4th - pnt - touch back. Weeeeeee no fmbl!

UM Ball
1d @ 20 - qk hitch lft to mthws brkn up
2d - 14 yrd pass to mthws lft. Same play. Gd thrw

1d - pass lft to mthws on glrified rning play 5 yrds
2d - anthr shrt thr lft. Thrt gns it. Inc. Lkd lk scrn
3d& 5 - thrt rns rt on scrmbl 1 yrd shrt
4&1 - goin for it! play in everyone ready, call to!? They had it. Goddamit!
4&1 - going for it - grdy - blasts thru for 5

1d - roll out lft - pass to odoms inc -
2d - pass rt to mathws in zn for 1d

1d - mcgf run midl for 5?
2d - grdy in - grdy midl for 4
3d &1 - grdy midl rt for 1d

1d - pmp fk pass to mthw in ez brkn up - gd thr gd d
2d - thrt scrmbls thrws it away gets nailed
3d - pass down middl on third read to kevin koger for td. Perfect pass
ovr lb for td
ex pt good.
19-7 UW

Woo. Nt gtn excitd until we're w/in a td.

UM KO - doesn't reach the 20. sheesh. Pf call on mich too. UW @ um 46
1d - hill midl for 2
2d - run rt - 7
3&1 - they run the option and fumbl it. Loss of 20. bad pc.
Punt to 12

UM ball
1d UM - minor and grady - anthr pass to odoms whr he didn't turn around
2d - thrt has all day no one open - scrmbl for nthn
End 3rd

3d&10 - anthr thr to tacopants.

Pnt to UW 44
1d - hill midl rt for nthn
2d - anthr pass ovr midl drpd by uw te
3&8 - run stfd
4&5 - pnt - fc @15

1d UM - thrt deep ball to grg mthws - lays out hits him in hands drps ball, gets hurt. Dammit.
2d - rn by minor dodges hlf tm in bkfld 1yrd.
3d - pass rt to mthws for 1d on rt.

1d - no on open thrt rlls oo pockt thrw away hit hard
2d - pass midl bhnd odoms hands on it drps it. Tuff ctch
3d - mcgf in - illgl sub on um
3&15 - threet airs out beautiful throw to minor deep. Brkn up. Pf on lt hit on UW - rf passr

1d - finally hits odoms on cross for 6. Mcguff was open deep
2d - thrt leads odoms agn, another drp
3&2 - thrt picks up 1d on brkn play. Total chaos

1d - finds minor on rt slp out pass - 1d
1d - thrt flps off coaches hnds off to minor who outruns secondary for TD!


UW killing thmslvs. Pf kept drive alive. Don't know whether to be excited yet. Momntum swinging. Brain wrling.

UM KO -  holy crap - a touch back.

1d - holy shit! Pass lft tipped in air - thmpsn catches it rns it in for td - wrrn made the play to strt it all

UM gng for 2 - roll out to rt no one open. Thrt sacked.

20-19 UM

Um, what?

UM KO - rtn to 22 chrls strwt mks stp

1d - hill midl - hit by ezeh aftr 4
2d - martin bts block stps hill in bf
3&7 - everidge keeper shrt of 1d
4th - pnt ? - ys - fc rls to 23 yrd line

1d - minor in - thrt zn rd for 60 to lft midl!

1d - grdy for 3
2d - mcgf runs ovr uw lb picks up 1d

1&gl - mcgf hit hrd at line maybe 1
2& gl - bad snp fmbld thrt picks up and gts to los
3&gl - rn lft by mcgf - fights in for td - mondrs was ld blkr, destryd lb
Ex pnt gd

My knees and hands are shaking
27 - 19 UM winning

UM KO - Bad kick, swarmd at 29

UW 1d - d swrms qb sack!
2d - ovr thr to sdln on rt
3d - pass middl compl for 1d
undr rvw - no way - jumbo tron rocks - how is that a cathc? Ruled catch by refs. Kidding me rt? UW gts 1d

1d - pass inc midl lft
2d - almost sck him six times and gets levld by grhm bt thrws awy
3d - pj hill up the gut for 16 - prfct call on d.

1d - good pass into left midl to bekum

1d - pass rt for 6 brown on gd cov
2 - pass deep midl for 1d @ 7

1d - stopd run in bf
2d - brndn ghrm frm rt sd mks sck. fmbl! taylor rcvr!

UM 1d - grdy fights for 3 middl
2d - mcguff for 3 - to UW
3d - hrt pounding. - mcguff runs lft midl gets 2
4&3 - zltn pls - zltn hits it to UW 36

1d - b grhm sacks qb up midl
2d - scrn lft picks up 20 frcd oob

1d - fs on UW
1d&15 - beckum deep midl for 1d

1d @ um 26 - pass lft to beckum
2d &5 - in pass to rt
3&5 - pass beats trnt to ez - TD

gng for 2 - pss lft - 2 pt good - flg on UW!

Repeat play

2pt ovr thrwn!


Here comes onsides kick.

Good god....


Onsides kick goes oob!

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mother fuckers!

V formation!

Kneel down!
UM 27 UW 25