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Big Ten Blogger Roundtable - Black Heart Gold Pants Style

Ah, fall is here. That means the First Big Ten Blogger Roundtable is upon us courtesy the twisted minds at  Black Heart Gold Pants. Check their site out later today or tomorrow for the full wrap up.

1. Week 1's in the books. What surprised you about your team? Are you optimistic? Disappointed? (NOTE: Purdue does not apply here, so these fans must talk about Wake Forest instead)

Meh. Kinda in between. I expected Michigan to be bad, but I had no idea just how bad the offense would be. I thought the defense would be good. Just I thought it'd be good for an entire game rather than for a half. Michigan wasn't good or terrible. They just weren't good. With a slew of new starters this week on both sides of the ball, I'm not going to have a clue what this team is capable of until after the Notre Dame game.

2. Beanie Wells' foot is definitely the top story in the conference. What's #2?

Illinois putting up 42 points and giving up 52 in the same game. Good god in heaven, that's a lot of points on both sides of the ball. That team is going to be entertaining, and heartbreaking for Illini fans, to watch.

3. Admit it: you loathe DickFraudROFL ( Rich Rodriguez), but when Michigan scored that last touchdown, you were rooting for them to make the 2-pt. conversion.

What do you think, asshat? Of course I was rooting for them.

4. Is this weekend's slate of games actually less interesting than last week's?

This weekend schedule is a crime against football. There isn't a single game worth watching. Which means I will be glued to the television all day. I mean, we're playing Miami. It's a BIG game. We've gotta win, and Miami's got a great set of linebackers and great tradition.

Wait... You mean it's Miami of Ohio? 14 points? That's the line? oh jesus... (quiet sobbing)...

5. Don't you hate pants?

These things are killing me