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Thumbin' Through Michigan v. Miami (Ohio)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Thumbin' Through, I bring my Treo to every game and thumb out my thoughts as the game goes on. This is complete stream of consciousness. The idea is to put you right inside my head as the game goes on, play by play, Being John Malkovich style. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's painful. Often it's obscene. But it's never boring. So if you have delicate sensibilities, I would recommend you skip this posting and continue on to the rest of site. Regards - Ed.

Thumbin' Through: Michigan v. Miami (Ohio)

Woooo kick off. Wtchn on tv. lets c how this wrksout.

Why in god's name do I have to listen to andre ware.
I'm being punished aren't  I?

Um to kick. good, deep

Miami run center for 5
2d Run cntr on nkl cov. Bd tackling
3&1 - taylor stuffs rb up middle. Mouton stuffed hole forced rb back to taylor.

Punt - holding on UM - warren gets 10, popped

UM - quick screen lft to odoms on play fake. Goes for 60
1d - mcguf mid rt for 4
Mondros mid for 1d
1d - threet on option right for 6. Gd rd.
2d - threet zne read mid lft!
Holy crap!
7 nthn Blue!

Man. threet looked poised. Weeee!

Good kick, rtn to the 25
Rt pass screen for 1d
Fumbl on snap! Ezeh recovers!

UM on the 35
Mcguff mid rt for 5
Mcguff stuff left
Threet throws on run rt. Low. Bad pass. miami got pressr
FG attempt lft hash.
Fat kickers rule! 47 yrdr! 10-0!

Kck off to EZ rn bk to 20ish.
1D - pass rt on rl out. 7 yrds. Trnt tckls.
2&3 - rb to rt. Jamo trks down from lft side of line. Fast.
3&1 - mouton on coverage, high pass on crss lft to right. Drpd.

Warren useless on pr

1d @ 20
I form - nk boot rt. Miami good cov. Nthn
Threet play fake to shaw, threet picks up 8 to rt.
Grady picks up 1d midl
Mike shaw rigt for 30. Awesome. Gd blk
1d shaw on zn read middle! Picks up 15
Qk pass rt to odom. Nthn
2d - ton of time, thrt ovrthrs odoms on deep ball cross to left

TO - miami.

Pass middle to butler over thrn in ez. Open. Just missed him.
Lopata shanks 41 yrdr.

1d Merriwthr 4 yrds lft
2d Anthr wr scrn rt. thmpsn blows ez takl, gn of 8.
1d - brown gets torched bt ovrthrwn deep middl.
2d - 4 wd - pressr but QB finds rb on lft. Ezh missed tkl.
3&1 - run up gut for 1d.
Mid fld
Zn read gets stuffd. Minus 5
2d - 4 wd - dly game.
Running back scrn rt. Stuffd
3&20 - end of 1qrt

Pass rt up the middl. Bad zn cov. Hit wr in the hands. Bad, bad 3d
pass coverage. wldv bn 1d

Warren stopped at 16.

1d - thrt zon read to rt. 1d! 12 yrds
1d - odoms shrt pass lft. 6
2d - run lft stuffd. Loss of 7.
3d - threet dropps ball, slipps out of hand on a scrn pass. Wld've
wrkd. Ball slipd

Zoltn to the 35. Bad kick, incrdibl roll.

Miami 1d
Mike martin blows rt thru line sack! Mouton caused it
Wr scrn rt. S brown rd it. Drpd.
3d - tippd ball middl. Sbrown drops ez pick.

Miami to punt. Punt from 26 goes into end zone. Holy shit.

UM on 20

Qk pass lft to clmons. Nthn doin loss of 2
2d - mcguff zn rd left for 23!
1d - mcguff nailed at line rt, same ply
2d - bad play rb scrn to rt. Nthn
3d - pass deflctd. Shades of navrre.

Zltn -shrt kick, to 20

Offense is stalling. Play calls kinda questionable since strt.

Miami - roll out to rt, 2d catch on rt. Yrd shy.
2d @ 29. - midl run. 1d
1d - rn rt. Stuffed
2d - shvl pass to lft. For 3
3d - s. Brown blows cov again. Pass mid rt, 1d just pass line.
1d - trnt torchd lft to middl deep ball.
1d & gl. - rn midl for 3
2&gl - fumbl snp. Miami recvrs
3&gl at 9 - pssr, grahm smks qb, fumbl or inc pass. Inc pass.
Fg try - good.

10 - 3 mich
Looks like shridan's goin in?

4 min in half left
Miami kck-off
Booboo rtns it to the 45, but hold by hemmingway erases run.
Shridan in
1d @ 13
Zn rd to midl right. Nothing
2d - same damn scrn rt to mcguff. This is terribl. Loss 3
3d - sheridan keeper for 11.

Wht the hell is rod thinking? Play calling has bn trrible since opening drive

Punt to 25.
1d - rn right midl for 3
2d - fcking slnt lft for 15. Bad tckling again
1d. - pass left complete for 9
2d - trnt 10 yrd off rcvr, 1d to lft in frnt of him
1d- inc
2d - qb keeper stuffd midl by will johnson.
23 sec
3d - brnd harrison brks up pass middl. Shldv been pi.


10 secs. Knee. End half.

Start second half.
Miami to kick off. Looks like threet back in.
Booboo to 31. Kid's electric on the return.
Thrt 3 wd - revrs to odoms. Took too long. Gn 1.
2d - run left stuffd mcguff
3d - threet ovrthrws wd open hemmingway on lft. Dmmit.

Punt zltn to 25, rtn to 33.

Miami 1d - rn midl stfd.
2d - run lft, cut bk rt. Got 3.
3d - s. Brown burned again. pass rt goes to um 33.

1d - brnd harrisn smks roll out pass on rt.
2d - run rt into big hole for 5.
3d - pass rt in front of brown agn. 1d. dmmit.

1d - d gtn no psr - run rt shldv been buried, still gts 5.
2d - rb out of bkfld to rt. Pass rt for 8
3d - UM gets brk. Shvl pass dropped to lft. Was a fumbl, but rb rcvr
picked up 1d and rn for it.
God this is ugly.
3d dn - why did thy revw it? - run rt midl- LB had him in the backfld
and effd it up. Gets 1d

1d - rn lft for 3
2d - zn thro to rt. Wrrn mks stop
3&4 - harrison lookd beat but knokd it out. Wow.
4 & 4 - fg try - gd.

10 - 6


All state commercials r gtting creepy.

Miami kick off - booboo to 30

1d UM - pass lft for 4
Mcguff rns lft for 7 1d
Oh crap. Ortmann down. We don't have depth. Rt arm.
Ortmann out.
1d - option rt - gns 3.
2d - option lft - loss 1
3d - crap. Pass lft ovrthrn agn. Opn agn. Happy feet frm thrt.
punt into EZ.

Cable on fritz... Dammit.
3a4 miami - wrrn almost intercepts it.
Miami to punt

Warren too hesitant on rtrn

Mich @ 22
Shridan in.
Mc guff runs on pitch rt for 25
1d - mcguff slammed at rt side of line for 1
2d - shridan effs up easy dump to minor. Inc.
3d - shrt throw to mc guff. Bad.
4th - going - nope kick - this is brutal.
Punt - miami burried at 6

Miami 1d - rn rt - shldv bn buried - stl got 5
2d - can anyone tackl? Up the midl for 10
1d - end of qrt

Srt 4th - not imprssd at all w/coaching in this game.
1d miami - pass shrt lft for 4
2d - ply being rvd. - looks gd - 2d & 5 - gets 3 midl.
3&shrt - backrs plug holes tht dont exist. Rn bounces out lft for 1d
1d- deep pass too high, bt s brown AGAIN! God he sucks.
2d - mich stuffs rb in bkfld
3& 12 - lets see how far off dbs r - 5 yrds - graham sacks qb
Punt coming
Down inside 15

Off coaching has been criminal.

1d - mc guffie rn rt gets 10 and pf againt miami for 15 lt hit
1d - pass rt to stomun for 7 on qk pass.
2d - shaw midl 1d
1d - mc guff get 4 on pitch rt
2d - zn kpr shrdn mid for 1
3d - mcguff mks smthn out of nthn of lft pass/ run
1d - minor on zn rd runs lft brks tackl jumps into endzone for td - woooooo!
missed extra pt.


Um koff -  rtn to 30
1d - pass rt ovrtrn wrrn cov
2d - pass in flts lft for 7 xone cov again
3d - hole in zn. Ez dump off. Dammit. No pressure.
1d - PI on trnt, bumped. Spot foul 4 yrds.
1d - shrt of 50 - warren almost picks off anothr. Pass to left 20 yrds.
Flag rpt 1d
1d - qb keeper for 5 midl. - qb is effed up. - brain scrambler hits by
dline on qb.
2d - frshmn qb in. - rn lft for 5
3d& 6 - flag on miami - 5 yrds
3&11 - warren smks rcvr on 2 yrd compltn
4&8 - gon - stewart and wrrn smk rcvr. Brk up pass. Trn ovr on downs

Mich ball

1d - stuffd mid run mcguff
2d - mcguff run lft, nthn
3d - rn lft. Ugh.... Nthn
Punt with 2.43 left
Punt to 19

Miami 1d
Sackish sort of thing - inc pass
2d - pass rt shrt bad - 6 yrds
3d - pass mid left for 1d
1d - taylor gets sack. Eats qb, sandwich, has a coke.
2d20 - pass middl into zone. Smacked, drpd
3d - pssr. No luck.
4&20 - minute left

Mich ball.
Butler dancing - douchebag. You're barely winning. gam ovr.

Mich wins.
happy but not happy.